EPDM Roof With A Twist

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Hi guys....and girls... Designed a tiny home with a slightly different roof line and have a couple of questions on the install. I'm using 60 mil Carlisle EPDM.....unfortunately I couldn't get anything wider then 10ft, so they'll be 4 seams and the first one will be centered at the middle of the 14'x40' home and working out each way from there. Roof has 7/16 OSB (rough side up) with rafters at 16" centers. I'll go over the roof deck with some 100 grit and soften any burs etc. before I lay the EPDM. Was thinking of wrapping the EPDM over the edges about 3" and fasten with roofing nails, possibly put a bead of lap sealant and or between the EPDM and wood 2x10 facia..(?), where the nails will penetrate. Place brown aluminum drip edge (2 1/2" (top) x 1 3/4" (hangs down facia)) on roof and securing with ring shanked nails/roofing nails(?) and finish with the Carlisle 6" overlayment strip. Cut EPDM flush with the bottom of the drip edge. 10" metal facia will be stuffed up between the membrane and drip edge.....caulked where the drip edge meets the facia if need be. Alls seams with have the 6" Carlisle Securtape. Most likely use 2 coats of bonding adhesive for maximum adhesion on the OSB. Does this sound OK relative to the design of the roof? Do i need termination bars? Assuming I need 1/8" gaps between the 4x8 sheets of OSB. Also....I'm putting a low slope wood stove flashing on the roof (stove pipe will have a spark arrester) and not quite sure how to seal it....being galvanized steel and all. And......Being that the trailing edge changes to a leading edge on the same side of the roof...should I be using any lap sealant on the edge/corner of the roof.......where the EPdM stops?

Ends of roof are a 2/12 pitch (opposite to each other) and rises and falls 3/4" per foot, flat in the very center.

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Hamid_Jarebean replied
2 Years

Very interesting skewed roof, wonder if there will be issues because of it? I really like the design, so innovative and looks good also!

Anthony_Burke replied
2 Years

Skip the sanding and put down a layer of IOS or at the very least celotex

Rhonda_Rosenof replied
2 Years

I like a cover board between osb and plywood. The rest sounds fine. I typically don’t see any type of seam roll on epdm.

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