Weekend Plumbing Surprise

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So, my P-trap tubular fell off the kitchen sink just now. Breaking it apart to clean it up and it looks like someone used pipe dope on the threads?

I thought these weren't supposed to get anything at all, but I do know a couple of plumbers that like to use a little bit of silicone on the threads.  

I'm going to patch this together for the weekend, and call a real plumber on Monday, but just wondered what the general opinion was for sealing the threads on tubular?

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gestany replied
2 Years
hey guys i know this is offtopic but please help me i want to buy a tankless water heater for my hoome and i am confused between rheemrte 13 and ecosmart eco27 so please suggest me the best one.
Anthony_Burke replied
2 Years

I think some guys do it so they don't shake loose over time, which they often do, esp. with a garbage disposer.

That's a wild set-up.

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