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I am doing a condo rehab 2nd floor my HO owns the unit right above this is why I am involved, the HOA are replacing the stacks so the plumber cut open my ceiling in the guest bath second floor, to replace the p trap and line to the stack for the third floor shower.

So I get a call telling me the cast pipe for shower drain is cracked and needs replacing or they can reline the pipe, remove tile dig up drain pipe new shower base then tile or reline the pipe about 12 inches no brainer reline the shower upstairs is in good shape and has been redone.

How much to reline 12 inches at most of 2 inch cast pipe that's open from underneath and open on top.

$825.00 we do these all the time we did four last week in the other building, me wow that's crazy the pipe shows no evidence of leaking and there was no staining on the ceiling.

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Hamid_Jarebean replied
2 Years

Why does it have to be an internal reline? Why can't you place an external rubber boot around it with adhesive?


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