Blotchy Stain. Fir Doors.

First let me say, I'm the last person who should be staining a door. I'm a door installer, not a painter or finisher. I had to special order some doors and the supplier screwed up and ordered the wrong size and they had to reorder them. So instead of 6 weeks, it took 12 weeks to get the doors. The guy I had lined up to finish the doors, was now backed up and the homeowner wants the doors installed yesterday. A buddy convinced me to just do it myself.

They are fir doors and mostly veneer. I sanded with a 150 grit sanding block and then used a 50/50 mix of unwaxed shellac and alcohol for a sealer. I used Old Masters wiping stain and I have a few places that just don't look good. There are a million posts on the net of similar problems with blotchy stain, but I thought maybe someone here has a "fix". Otherwise, I'm just going to top coat them and hope for the best. So far the customer doesn't seem to picky. Theses doors aren't too cheap, but they ordered cheap no name handlesets off the net. The doors are at my buddies shop and I forgot to take pics, since I was so pissed off. I had him text me some pics, but they don't really show most of the blotches.

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