Top Ten Project Management Tools

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Top Ten Project Management Tools

If you are looking for project management tool to manage your projects, here is a list of the Top ten tools you can use to manage your project successfully.

1. Active Collab

Active Collab is an effective project management tool designed to cater for small businesses. This tool is very important when you want your team to stay organized. Tasks can be delegated to the team members, get a report on the full activities of the team, monitor the time spent to carry out a particular task.

With Active Collab, you will know the state of the project at any time of the day, what exactly you are to work on, who has much work undone, how much you have spent on your budget. It helps to save more time by focusing on what matters.

2. Trello

Trello is a project management tool that gives team members a collective idea on any kind of project. It also offers collaborative workspace features that can be used to manage projects either enterprise projects or personal project. It has a drag and drop feature with an interesting interface. You can create a dashboard that includes list and you can drag and drop different items to show the progress of the project. It has one major drawback which is the lack of basic project management tool such as Gantt chart, reporting tool, and time tracking components but it can be added through integration with other applications that have these functionalities.

3. Asana

Asana is a tool that monitors the project from its conceptualization to the end. This means you can see the status of a project as it progress. It is a cloud-based project management tool that can be used to manage and organize tasks and communicate with the team members. Asana can be operated on a mobile device. Features include reporting notification, dashboards, a mobile application and so on. Asana also includes inner functions that detect all updates generated by the software.

4. Basecamp

Basecamp is an exceptional tool that has to-do lists features that can be used to manage tasks and streamline your communication through easy boards. Basecamp gathers all the tool required by the project team in one place; document, Message boards, group chats, and schedule. Instead of document scattered all over the place, everything you are doing is streamlined and well organized. The team will know what is required of them.


CONSYSA is a simple, but a powerful tool for managing your construction projects, free for life. Everything is blended with a streamlined system; from Sales CRM, pre-built estimation tables for all trading, Gantt charts, email communication or chat with all team members in one place. A SAAS tool for everyone involved in the construction project industry that covers areas of managing construction projects, documents, people, communications, and finance and so on. Use it from any device, any operating system from anywhere in the world.

Top Ten Project Management Tools

6. Solo

Solo is a project management tool that is designed for the freelancer to run their business. This tool is used in analyzing projects, reporting worker’s performance in managing time and tasks. It helps in keeping time sheets that are accurate and detailed. This tool is a simple system that is suitable for small-scale business. Solo offers other features such as business intelligence and customized dashboards.

7. Teamwork Projects

Teamwork is a cloud-based tool that is effective in managing different processes of a project. It helps teams manage a group of project objectives, aids communication among team members. This tool scheduling features help project managers to clearly specified project tasks, delegate them to qualified team members and tracking time as the project progresses. The tools also have a dashboard feature to visualize project objectives. It allows you to create invoices based on working hours and expenses. Teamwork projects also allow integration with other application such as Google Box, Freshbooks and so on.

Top Ten Project Management Tools

8. Project Bubble

This management tool manages multiple products within a short time. It offers team collaboration, field reporting, shared calendar. It is an easy Web-based tool that helps construction project managers to manage tasks, track time and resources. With this tool, the construction project team can focus more on the important task to ensure businesses are more productive.

9. Freedcamp

This web-based tool comes with a dashboard with easy access to multiple projects. Freedcamp ensures that all project documents are updated, organized and productive. It also includes CRM tool that will manage all contact list. This tool is mostly used by large organizations including construction, engineering, manufacturing companies and so on. Freedcamp can also be used for other services such as project scheduling, portfolio management, document management and time tracking.

10. Apollo

Apollo is a management tool that allows you to manage, organize tasks and your construction project activities. With Apollo internal tools such as schedules, task lists, and milestones, you will be able to track time. It also includes a CRM feature that allows you to monitor your customer contacts. It reminds project manager the date of appointment and cut-off dates. Apollo also has a unique function of backing up project files.

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