Top Online Project Management Tools

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Top Online Project Management Tools

Top Online Project Management Tools

Projects either big or small needs to be managed and track by someone to achieve its purpose. It is where the work of a project manager comes in. Fortunately, every day the world is changing due to the advent of technology and communication, you can manage multiple projects at the same time efficiently through the use of online tools. Funny enough, when this tool, you don’t need to be at the project site before you can manage the project.

 When it comes to making a business successful, it is dependent on how you organized our business idea and the kind of PM tool you use. Starting a new business is not an easy task and very challenging because companies that have already established in the industry. You need to answer some questions like what are the steps requires to take the move, how do you plan to expand the business, the budget for the industry. To effectively manage any business, you will need to work with the right tools. These tools allow effective communication with the project group and other collaborators like contractors and subcontractors (if you are working on a construction project), accountant, etc. you don’t need to start running up and down to be updated about the project status. The benefits of using these tools are so enormous that you won’t regret adopting it to your business.

Top Online Project Management Tools

They are many online project management tool that can help you track your project and under the allocated budget allowance. These tools can help you track cost, resources and give you a glance of the project status. This is especially helpful for complex projects that require workers to be positioned at different locations. Some of the tools allow you to sign in, update any information and keep them informed of what’s happening.

You can access information from anywhere, anytime when you are using an Online Project Management Tool. It will be helpful if data can be obtained at the comfort of your home. Information is uploaded from time to time which lets you access information when needed. Issues are easily noticeable and can be fixed before it goes out of hand.

There are Top Online PM Tools for managing construction projects.


This Online Construction Project Management Tool has been the talk of the town among project managers. It is fast, secure and one of the best cloud-based Project Management Tool that helps managers to perform essential tasks required for the project.

It helps to keep track of the cost, human resources and the state of the construction project. It also has defense-grade encryption and customer relationship management that helps to keep your data secured and keeps and effective communication with your clients.

There is a straightforward tool to learn and for users who find it a little bit complicated can request for on-demand training and support.

Top Online Project Management Tools


Buildertrend is an Online Construction Management Tool that is developed for contractors, builders, and subcontractors. It combines some features like construction project management, client management, project scheduling, and service management in a single software. This tool can be accessed online via an internal connection.

Buildertrend also offers some pre-built tools like customer relationship management, proposals, change order and selection management.

This tool has the functionality to integrate with other solutions to enhance its features and increase business productivity.

Top Online Project Management Tools


Plangrid is an Online PM Tool designed for construction industries. Before you can start construction work, you must have gone through all the fundamentals of the project such as project drawing, shop drawings, and project state images; the tool makes it easier to the team by making it accessible to team members to see. New changes and information are updated in the, and it automatically shows on all the site workers dashboards.

Plangrid also contains a set of collaboration tools like issue tracking for tracking project tasks and defect tracking. Field reports such as daily reports, inspection forms, and checklists can be saved into this software using default or custom templates.


CMIC is an Online Project Management Tool that is fully integrated with accounting features (like finance budgeting, reports, and planning) that caters to the need for construction workers. 

CMIC is also used to track industry-specific needs like change orders, vendor management, and subcontractor management. This tool is suitable for medium and large scale industries.

Online Project Management Tool has enormous benefits. One of the significant benefits is the power of information it gives to its users so that they can make better use of it to enhance their business productivity.

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