Project Tracking Website

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Project Tracking Website

Project Tracking Website

Its normal for an employee to have their own idle time. There are times in work where once everything duly accomplished; you just wait for the end of your shift. While there’s nothing wrong with it the problem is when employees slack. Employees has a tendency to procrastinate knowing that when a task assigned to them is simple. They can either take care of it on the next few hours or before the end of their shift. Worst is when they also forge their time cards. For some it might not cause some problem.

But then again it doesn’t make a company’s nor an employee productive. Tolerating such attitude can be detrimental for the company’s future growth. It’s unprofessional and simply undisciplined. It’s the same thing when an employee is being over worked. Every employee needs to be goal oriented because that’s how they and the company grow. But the key is to keep them motivated by building a merit base system, a good working environment, and a balance distribution of tasks. Employees are more motivated when they know they are growing, its not just the salary or incentive they’d receive but if a company also cares for their sense of welfare.

Project Tracking Website

But the thing is how do we keep them motivated and disciplined enough not to procrastinate? It falls down to having a good working environment through good management. Making sure that an employee’s work has a sense of direction. Confusion in a work place deters an employee to perform better. It’s a good thing modern technology had developed a system for a good workflow, which is a cloud-based project management system. It contributed a lot to having a healthy working environment and to make sure the employees stay disciplined by having a real time tracker of employees work progress. Since they know their work is being tracked, they’d rather opt for finishing it as quickly as they can rather than procrastinating for a couple of hours or minutes.

Now here are some of the game-changing project tracking websites that help numerous companies increasing their productivity.

Project Tracking Website


Helpshift is an app and web platform designed for providing customer service. With this program companies can immediately review common issues of customers and find an immediate resolution for them. What makes the program also unique is that team leaders can access the entire task or cases that where distributed to each employee in real time. It even monitors how long a task was handled and provides analytics for customer service survey that motivates employees further to perform.

CONSYSA – Construction Systems of America

CONSYSA is a platform designed for handling construction projects. It has a lot of features that a construction project management software would need. CONSYSA integrates all those information in one place. And have all task automatically or manually distributed by the manager. The thing is try to imagine a construction project manager having to track the progress of multiple jobs. Going from the office and the field site just to make sure that everything is being done properly. Now that is a time consuming task. But thanks to CONSYSA, a manager can immediately have an access to these information. This construction project management software allows you too track your teams productivity in real time, get notified when a job is done, and with its real time analytics report you can make better decision in the next phase of the construction project management.

Now there’s more to CONSYSA than having a live job forecast, it also has a customizable form for your contracts, construction project proposals, invoice to send to your clients, and it makes collaboration and communication a lot easier.

Teamwork Desk

 Teamwork Desk is like other cloud base management system it streamlines task assignments. As the name of the program says, it just makes teamwork a lot better. It has a feature that allows a member to turn on and off incoming projects so you can focus on finishing one task first. And with its team productivity analytics, you can track which team is performing better or who among the members is slacking. It also has a real time project tracking system and a notification system where you’d be automatically notified when a task is done.

Project Tracking Website


Thanks to cloud base management technology it was able to make workflows a lot smoother. With real time project tracking and record of how an employee handles a job is not only beneficial for the company. It also lets them see who among their employees works really hard. And this deters any form procrastination and monitor underperforming employees as well.

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