Project Tracking Software Free

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Project Tracking Software Free

Project Tracking Software Free

Do you need help in the planning of projects, activity time limit, and task assignment? The suitable software for managing this task is tracking software. The tracking software is a program that is accessible either offline or online for tracking tasks and activities of a project. Users have found it comfortable with the online tracking software because of its accessibility to new features, reduced cost, and functions that are more easily tracked in an organized manner and more efficiently

Project tracking is a system package that can be used to monitor your projects and ensure that they are on the right path to its successful completion. You can quickly know the state of the project maybe you are, or you are lagging. The software gives accurate information about your employees’ performance and the progress they have made so far on the project. It also provides a linear relationship between the funds spent and the number of hours paid by all workers; with this, you can know if you are going to succeed or fail. It gives companies many ways by which tasks can be easily assigned and monitor their performance and progress. Tracking software shows at a particular time the status of each work, an effort that has been consumed and real progress according to the schedule.

Companies that have adopted the tracking software has increased productivity, and it is not necessary to rely on spreadsheets and notes to track the daily report manually the process is so strenuous, time-consuming and they are even prone to mistakes. Workers can have access to ask allegation, updates on crucial information, management for task progress evaluation by providing a centralized, integrated, and real-time communication system. It has exciting features that can be used to track multiple projects at the same time. There are two types of projects racking software which are either an internal system or software as a service (SaaS) which is a web-based application. Initially, users are familiar with the internal network, but nowadays web applications are finding their ways to the heart of the clients.

Project Tracking Software Free

Advantages of Tracking Software

Software that is available in the market nowadays actually have features that very differently from one another depending on the program developer or manufacturer. However, some functions are essential in tracking software. The elements may include:

Creating project plans: - A project tracking software should typically include some specific templates where one all the projects he has at hand can be stored and a program can be draft out on how to execute all the plans. Doing this, there will no more issues dealing with dusty chalkboards or messy tasks timelines. Also, there is no more fear when the office organizer got lost where it is being stored. All has to be indicated in the project plans whenever he opens his computer. Also, he can update the progress of his projects whenever he deems fit by using these templates and get an overview of what projects have already been completed, what projects require more attention, which one needs urgent care, and which one that can be achieved anytime

Making project reports: - Apart from preparing the actual project plan, project tracking software also should have features that allow the users to draft reports on each project in the project plan template. Project presentation can be created using this software so that whenever the user has to deal with issues related to his projects, the project tracking software can be used to provide information pertaining to his plans; all he has to do is to run the project tracking software, choose the appropriate tasks, and every other activity will be performed automatically including his presentation for upcoming board meeting.

Create a timeline for every project: -Project tracking software should be able to create a schedule for every project. It will give information on what tasks need to be performed at a particular time, and the time expected to be spent on the functions, and the functions that need to be performed after the completion of specific tasks. It creates a calendar like templates that have every activity that needs to be completed and how it should be done.

CONSYSA is a simple, but tracking software used to monitor your projects, free for life. It has interesting features ranging from Sales CRM, pre-built estimation tables for all trading, Gantt charts, email communication or chat with all team members in one place. A SAAS tracking tool for everyone involved in the construction industry that covers areas of managing projects, documents, people, communications, and finance and so on.

Other free Project Tracking Software includes Paymo, Freedcamp, Podio, Asana, Trello.

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