Project Software Free

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Project Software Free

Project Software Free

We’ve all heard and seen how the workplace of every industry changes. From the traditional use of cards, typewriters, fax machines to computers and eventually the sudden shift to cloud management. Cloud Construction Project Management had proven that it is cost effective and an effective instrument in increasing the productivity of a workplace.

It allows you to communicate and work with someone overseas properly.

The idea is to organize different projects, tasks, people, plans, finances, and contracts and have them all stored in a secured location that is easily accessible — making projects flow steadily and accurately. Even for allocation of resources a construction project management software can be used to keep a real-time record of the expenses, budgets and monitoring of loses. Lots of companies have utilized this platform to streamline their business whether it be a small or big one. Surely it does cost you something, but the returns are proven more significant than the cost of investing in a cloud-based construction project management.

When specific teams or departs collaborate for a particular construction project management, it always goes through an Internal and external form of communication and believe it or not when it comes to these things it's not still sun shines and butterflies. It's nothing like what you feel when you sold something or closed a deal. A traditional approach would often involve a scheduled meeting place that needs to accommodate the availability of certain individuals. Some even have to travel outside the country for a meeting that would possibly be over in 2 hours. So imagine the hassle but thanks to cloud management we were able to find solutions to these problems.

With that said it's still not a problem for there are lots of free cloud project management software platforms available out there for you to try. You’ll see in here a brief break down of free project software solutions that you can have — all designed to suit your business needs.

Project Software Free


CONSYSA – Construction Systems of America, your number one construction business manager. As the name of the software and company itself, it’s a software intended for construction projects. What makes this software stand out and innovative compared to other project software, is it's dynamic, and it integrated everything that a construction project manager needed to do.

To give you an idea of how it works, first, you need to understand the difficulty of handling a construction project. From project planning, design, development, initiation, environmental clearance and construction. Now imagine the number of people and subcontractors involved in this line of business. Imagine the hurdles of a project manager had to go through. Even the communication process would be complicated but thanks to CONSYSA everything can be integrated and streamlined. From planning, developing a workflow, monitoring of finances, communication, fault management and most of all it prevents a project from collapsing. It's like the virtual secretary that every construction project manager needs. It helps managers to grow and scale the business by making sure that everything is organized correctly and can even store the numbers of clients and information in one place.

Project Software Free

CONSYSA is a wise choice for every construction business. You can easily store all administrative data’s, client information, accounting, project information and other company trade secrets free from harm. The best part of this project software is you can use it free for life — the only thing you need to pay for additional storage or bandwidth. You don’t even have to worry about signing up for a contract, and no credit card is required. Simple registration and signing up then you can immediately take advantage of these benefits in a second.


It’s software designed for an organize collaboration. It makes communication a lot easier and makes assigning and monitoring of tasks effortlessly as it features real-time tracking and immediately notifies a team member of a specific function.

For a free plan, it includes customizable project boards and dashboards, unlimited task distribution and unlimited members can use it. And you can share 20 MB of documents for each member.


Asana is a standard project management software. With more than 1 million users it had undoubtedly established itself as one of the best project management software platforms out there. What makes it appealing to other businesses is because it has a customizable feature that matches the company’s brand. Same with other project management software out there it has task planning and filtering, document sharing and project templates. If you want to subscribe to its free plan then no worries because you’d still have access to these things but only up 15 numbers of people.

If you are looking to scale your business, you’ll never go wrong with these free project software.

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