Project Manager Requirements

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Project Manager Requirements

Project Manager Requirements

Successful construction projects depend on the availability of a competent construction manager who does a lot of hard work and training with specific skill sets and techniques. With the increase of construction projects globally, the need for project managers to anchor such programs are also on the high. Being a construction project manager has become a lucrative profession as a result, with experienced project managers making good money. Whoever has the drive for becoming a construction manager especially a construction project manager should and must consider the following.

Overview of a Construction Project Manager

It is imperative to know what a construction manager does before choosing the profession since there is no job without its ups and downs. Managing a project is not an easy task, as both the mind and soul of the manager is invested in it. They supervise and control the execution of the plan within its timeframe. A construction manager works for general contractors, subcontractors or even themselves. They are charged with the responsibility of budgeting, organizing, scheduling, and implementing the entire construction project. The construction team is chosen by project managers most of the time because, for a plan to go on smoothly, the project crew and the manager must be able to relate well. Thus, the manager selects those that fit his agenda since once hired. The team becomes his responsibility.Project Manager Requirements

Characteristics of a good Project manager

Project managers effect changes by making project goals their own and using their skills and expertise to inspire the team to work together.

They shoulder the responsibility of driving business results and welcomes new challenges.

They perform admirably well with changes in the dynamic environment and can do well under pressure.

They have an eye for detail and can alternate between the "big picture" and “the not so big” details concentrating on each when the need arises.

Trust and communication are cultivated and nurtured among the project's stakeholders like its sponsors, end users, those who command the resources needed, and the project team members by the construction manager.

They have great adaptability as they can bend their approach or methods towards the context and constraints of any project.

They also have the ability to break up large projects into a smaller related task for easy execution.

Project Manager Requirements

Requisites of a Project Manager

The route to becoming an excellent construction manager in construction is neither an easy one nor a single one because some things are required of the person. For instance, construction project managers have a different set of skills and backgrounds in other fields. To stand out and reach out to companies in need of a construction manager, most if not all of the points be should be addressed.


Virtually all construction project managers have one degree or the other so, having a degree in construction engineering, building science, construction science, engineering, architecture, mathematics or different degrees will work just fine. Having adequate knowledge in project control and management, design, construction methods and materials, building codes and standards, and similar coursework will serve as a solid ground to build on thus, ensuring a better understanding of the construction industry’s needs.


Getting certified even though many companies do not require it can be a way of setting oneself apart from other applicants for the post. Professional certificates in project management can be obtained from some organizations. Such organizations offer documents that portray a high skill level and a vast knowledge of management principles for the construction process.

Training and Work Experience

Continuous self-development by taking on-the-job training, internships or other construction experience is an added advantage. Taking up the post of assistant construction project manager helps in gaining valuable experience. They learn a lesson by implementing, not building, budgets. They also enforce a schedule. Although training time varies from companies to companies as some companies need project managers more than the assistance which is work-in-progress, many give rooms for the trainee to gather the required experience Having these experiences go a long way in boosting the chance of breaking into the management industry by those without a degree.


The various qualities possessed by a manager are numerous. Chief among them are:

i. They are problem solvers and rises to any challenge that may come their way before, during and after the project is done.

ii. Excellent time management and communication skills.

iii. Ability to motivate others when the going gets tough.

These and other skills did not mention help mold a standout manager in this dynamic construction industry.

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