Project Management Principles

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Project Management Principles

Project Management Principles

CONSYSA – Construction Systems of America

CONSYSA is a cloud-based construction project management software. It is specifically designed for construction project managers. Now CONSYSA developed this construction software in line with project management principles. It assures that all the necessary things that a project manager needs will be provided. CONSYSA understands the difficulty of the construction business and the multiple aspects that the project manager had to go through. And so they developed a cloud-based construction project management system. With that said we need to understand the fundamental principles of construction project management further first and what it's like to be a project manager.

There’s more to project management than simple planning or organizing. It focuses on achieving a specific objective with a limited time frame and resources, and at the same time provides a quality product. The challenge is not just on proper management. It needs to identify problems that needed to be handled first. It requires to conduct a feasibility study first to ensure that the direction and steps of the project going to take are viable and justifiable

Project Management Principles

A project manager should also be knowledgeable and skilled enough about the projects endeavors. Project managers represent the employees and the company itself. Any form of inconsistency in a particular venture a manager should be ready enough to have an immediate resolution for it. Managers also serve as a role model for their employees, so a good manager knows how to take good care of their employee’s welfare. Lastly, managers should have excellent communication skills. They spend most of their time communicating with different team members and clients. This is just one of the many things that a manager should be capable of to have a successful project.

But there are fundamental project management principles that are needed to be followed to make a project successful, these are;

-Project Goal

-Task management

-Task objectives

-Project visibility

-Fault management

-Managers main responsibilitiesProject Management Principles

Project goal

It always starts with a goal, and the next question to ask “what needs to be done to achieve that goal?” this will lead to the project’s plan.

Task management

This involves the members of the team, the things that they need to do and how crucial it is for the project. A manager needs to distribute assignments to each member, and it needs to have a proper balance in each team. Tasks should also be monitored accordingly and need to be appropriately scheduled to make sure that members won't be burned out.

Task objectives

This defines why is of importance, what are the next steps to take once something is already accomplished. What are the requirements of specific assignments? This assures the quality of each task performed. Where are they supposed to go and to make sure that team members are knowledgeable enough about how crucial a particular job is.

Project Management Principles

Project visibility

This is the part where you list all your analytical data’s. Graph report, flowcharts, Gantt charts, this encompasses the overall statement of project status. This is the thing that a manager needs to present to clients or stakeholders from time to time.

Fault Management

Now accountability matters in every project. But it doesn’t mean a project manager should play a blame game in case something went wrong. A project managers job is to have a strategic in case something went wrong. The key is immediately identifying the problem before it even occurs and to address this potential development adequately.

Managers Main Responsibilities

Now apart from being knowledgeable about the project, a manager also needs to develop an organize work-flow and excellent system of communication. Communication will always play a significant role in every project as this will also define the success of a project. Overall a manager needs to deliver results that exceed customer’s expectations.


Overall these are the foundation of CONSYSA. CONSYSA didn’t change the approach to project management. What it did is revolutionize the workflow of the construction business while they still follow the pillars of management principles. The traditional method is time-consuming and costs a lot. There’s a lot of barriers that manager had to go through especially when it comes to collaboration. But with CONSYSA this communication barrier was eliminated and allowed members to focus on their job without getting lost solely or not having sufficient information about the task at hand. CONSYSA integrates everything in one place, and a centralize streamline of documentation and task assignments. The benefit of this is it also reduces the cost of projects to more than And at the same time be more productive when handling different tasks. No time and money is wasted. But it generates a surplus of quality services to clients, employees and managers.

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