Project Management MAC

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Project Management MAC

Project Management MAC

Mac enthusiast knows that a common dilemma for Apple computers is its incompatibility with other programs. Then again it has its uniqueness that stands out from other networks. Apart from its wall defense from viruses and hackers, athletic performance and powerful graphics and video processors they’ve established themselves as a real trendsetter.

But mac computers are not only meant for graphic artists and designers. They’re also known to use in car’s computer boxes. That’s right; they are geared for fixing high-end vehicles. While its trade secret between the Apple Company and the car industry the point is it serves its purpose well for users.

With that said, it merely means that lots of billion-dollar companies have incorporated Mac computers into their business. And companies like Google, Facebook, Audi, other billion-dollar enterprises have a look into project management software. Keep in mind that it’s not easy to find applications or software that are compatible with Mac. But that doesn’t mean it's been left out, it merely follows to the brand Mac, and that is ingenuity and exclusivity.

So let's look into the top project management software for Mac.

Fastrack Schedule 10.2 The best way to describe this software is it looks like a Microsoft word program due to its interface with functions of an iPhone. It means the interface is similar to a Microsoft word program, but it has a drag and drops feature that makes everything user-friendly and easy to familiarize with.

It has features where construction project managers can see who on their team is working on a specific task, when it’s due and when are they working on it. Overall it's perfect for construction companies that wanted to integrate its entire administrative works in one place and track them accordingly.

CONSYSA – Construction Systems of America

CONSYSA, from the word construction itself it’s dedicated and specifically designed for construction projects. The software allows you to synchronize multiple tasks and calendars at aa single place. It seems impossible considering the degree of difficulty in handling a construction project business. From sending clients invoice, cost tracking, construction project documentation, accounting for different clients, payouts, project blueprints, subcontractors and the massive list of tasks and details a construction manager have to look into.

Project Management MAC

With that said there is nothing to worry about the program's navigation. For a construction project manager, you’d immediately know where to go and what to look for by just being familiar with the nature of the job of a construction manager. Even if you’re a first time user.

You can easily set it up the way you want your work-flow wanted to be. Track changes or delays in real time and have an immediate resolution on a specific matter at hand. With its advanced analytical feature, you can easily monitor tasks that needed to be prioritized. But then again the construction software is designed to prevent these things from happening once you have stored all the information and distributed the tasks to team members accordingly. Then no need to worry about making phone calls, going back and forth from one place to another because everything is stored in one safe place.

And the best part is you can even use it for free, free for life. The only thing you need to pay for is bandwidth and storage extension. The beauty of it is it also allows you to see intricate details that a construction manager would often miss, and because of that feature it even gives you the competitive advantage that you need and has everything triple check within a second. Overall it’s a construction software that you’ll never go wrong with.Project Management MAC

Project Insight Software

Project Insight Software is straight to the point kind of program that with one click, it immediately takes you to what you want to see and work on. For companies that are construction project driven or works on a lot of bidding projects then this project management software might be the one that you need. It provides complete visibility to unfinished works, workloads of employees, real-time reporting, budgets and costing, and task scheduling. It allows you to to manage everything in one place without even worrying about getting lost in the program because the interface itself is straightforward. Well designed and fits the brand and interfaces of Apple computers. 

Smart Sheet Software

Smart Sheet Software is like the spreadsheet, and it spreads data in columns meant for an organize storage and scanning of data. The difference between worksheets and Smart Sheet has accommodated a team unlike the spreadsheet, which is solely for an individual task or only for a team leader to control. It helps the team to collaborate and plan projects. For those who are familiar with Spread Sheet, you’ll find it a lot better and can be customized into many forms catering to individuals working and design preferences.

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