Project Management In Construction Industry

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Project Management In Construction Industry

Project Management In Construction Industry

Construction is a fundamental aspect of our modern life; especially when it reaches a high level of importance and priority to industrialization. Building construction (urban construction) involves the addition of structure to form a building that serves some specific purpose, which is a reference point to the economic development of the nation.

In actual sense, project management is a process of planning, organizing, directing and supervising the various stages that form the parts that make up a construction project as a whole. A construction building company’s manager is employed by construction companies to act on behalf of either a contractor or builder to execute specified construction projects. Every individual that is practicing in the construction industries is likely to discover that process and requirements related to each project are significant for the successful completion of such projects; this process depends on the type and nature of construction projects being carried out.

In any building or renovation, a good home construction management is essential for any construction engagements, especially when you are putting into consideration the complexity of most construction projects at its development stage and the rules and regulation related to the practice of construction work. Because of this, most building companies recruitment for a job position that is opened requires a specialized degree or certification from a recognized construction project management institution like the PMI, and a grounded experience in the construction industries

Project Management In Construction Industry

Construction structure management in the construction industry is associated with a lot of things like managing of tasks, human resources (contractors, subcontractors, and technicians), material resources, tracking of workers performance, budget management, risk management and so on. For this reason, construction project managers are held accountable for almost every aspect of construction projects. Employees and other workers are depending on the project leader to give an order on the next move; your decision could have either a positive or negative impact on the project; that’s why construction companies employ individuals that have been certified by a recognized best construction institution and have a great deal of experience in the field.

Main Functions and Responsibilities

Before a project can be assumed to be completed successfully, the outcome must be the actual replica of the proposed requirements and must proceed in strict compliance with the detailed project plans. Given this, a project leader that is certified and skilled is an essential part of a project team executing projects of any size. Apart from the fact that the project manager ensures that a project must be carried out according to plans to achieve a predetermined outcome, he is also responsible for the successful execution of the project within the given time frame and budget. Other duties include monitoring of different site contractors, employing subcontractors, obtaining work permits and licenses, writing contracts and estimating the cost for various stages of the construction works.

Project Management In Construction Industry

General Skills Required

One crucial skill that is well appreciated in the construction industry is the ability of a construction project manager to manage the processes of a project effectively right from start to finish. It might include the building construction manager getting himself familiar with the various equipment and materials, individuals he is going to work with, stakeholders to know the amount planned to be invested and expectation from the project. There will be challenges in the development of the project. It is the duties of a construction contractor to use his acquired skills and knowledge to provides solutions when it occurs. As a part of building company management team leader, you should be able to communicate effectively with your team members and discuss matters regarding the project. Communication should be one of the top duties because team members might have the answers to problems you have been battling with. It is also expected of managers to acquire computer skills to utilize the latest technology in town, and general contractor software is also a necessity.

Project Management In Construction Industry

Expected Working Environment

A building company has a lot of duties to handle which include working for general contractors, technicians, subcontractors and private owners. Working environments are dependent on the nature of the work being undertaken. A general contractor might be supervising a project right from his office with the use of web-based construction project management where tasks are updated for employed workers to see and start executing or he could as well manage projects when on site which is a loud, dirty and dangerous environment.

It is a fact that the reference point of economic and industrial development of the nation is the proficiency, skill, and expertise of management. It is necessary to design something that can aid the construction processes.

Contractor project management software is in a position of helper to the project managers as it is used as a tool for managing various aspects of a project such as finances, sales, invoicing, inventory, risk and many more

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