Project Management Excel

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Project Management Excel

Project Management Excel

Naturally, Construction initiatives can be tough to control. It includes a variety of stakeholders, information, and documentation. If the item is lost, it can lead to project delay, and it will cost the company time and money and the contractor, or it may cause legal action. That is why getting prepared throughout the process is essential in achieving project objectives. Project management excel describes the primary phases of a project by displaying planned, reveal and real status. It also presents how resources are assigned to the individual.

A simple way to organize information about your construction project management is by using Excel templates. Project Management Excel is a generally used device for all kinds of things such as making to-do lists, evaluating data, managing tasks, planning, finances and so on. It is a tool for handling initiatives, given its friendly layout and its potential to formulate and filter information to make use of it.

How to start a project in project management excel

Whether you are starting at large or a small one, you should start with a list. It could be helpful to open up excel as a tool to cater for tough early challenges of your to-do lists and important dates. The grid in project management excel helps to outline how the task is executed sequentially, leading to the final result.

Project Management Excel

Project Management Excel formulation also has distinct advantages when you are defining column records like project budgets, pivot tables which are excellent methods to visualize data in a spreadsheet.

Project Management Excel is essential when distributing tasks among team members. To get your project on the way, there are certain things you need to consider:

First, you have to determine your project objectives and product in your project charter or Statement of Work. Once you have got that, you can create a file in excel to start your project planning.

1. Your starting point should be with a project tracking template.

2. Add tasks to meet a specific target.

3. The separate big task from small tasks. 

4. Define the duration of every task

5. Assign different tasks of the project to team members in which each member is held responsible for the completion of the project.

6. Keep and share information. Now you have your first information that can be shared and communicated to your team members.

After creating a task tracking list, various project management templates can examine that will work effectively on the different section of your project. 

Project Management Excel

Managing a project in excel

In case you have started a project in excel, you may decide to handle the entire project in excel. Depending on your project’s complexity, you will determine how you want the project to be managed. However, few construction project management best practices can guide your project towards achieving its objectives.

Construction timeline template

A project management excel template is a useful tool for the project manager to get his planning documented in an organized way. Excel has a model that allows proper documentation of all activities and duration to create a schedule. A scheduling template is crucial for the project supervisor because it offers the project manager a starting platform for making plans and scheduling. From there, the project manager can decide the closing date of the project and use a timeline to track the project. The project manager can take the intervals laid out in the template and input it into a construction project management software to check for any errors.

Estimation Template

Excel has a template for estimation so that you can help in providing estimates for the construction project management cost. This estimation template will assist in the preliminary budgeting and allocation of resources. Having accurate estimates is fundamental to having an actual budget.


When the project manager feels that he has an accurate estimation, he can determine the budget. The budgeting template allows you to set and alter the budget of your project; it can also be used to check your spending on a project at any given point. 

Documentation tracker

Construction Project Management, the project manager, should be able to communicate well with the team members and therefore requires a lot of documentation. Construction project management documentation is significant, without the right tools to organize your files, files can be lost, and this will make it difficult to pay the subcontractor. This documentation tracker template helps in tracking all data dispatched and obtained. This tool will ensure that the subcontractor gets paid, and expedite all processes.

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