Project Management Cloud App

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Project Management Cloud App

Project Management Cloud App

Business managers in various industries know the value Construction Project Management Cloud Application and their effect on an upcoming project. A proper cloud application will enhance the productivity and efficiency of team members who can turn out to be a significant asset to the organization. Many cloud Applications are available on Windows OS, Android, and iOS offering different features that are not just fit for your business.

The entire hierarchical structure of a project can be identified by defining tasks and subtasks. This is a significant prerequisite as it helps in managing tasks effectively. Jobs and resources are assigned to team members so that it does not alter the successful completion of the project.

One of the crucial elements of an ideal construction project cloud app is its collaboration features. There are a few cloud applications that offer collaboration features to its users.

Project Management Cloud App

For any business to succeed, useful vital. To execute and materialize your dreams and goals, you will need an appropriate technique. You need to clearly define your purpose and a well detailed and organized plan to achieve it. This is the job of a project manager.

It’s not strange news that project management plays a significant role in the success of a commercial enterprise; most companies are still depending on single-user desktop tools.

There are still some businesses using paper, notes to manage their projects. This happened because small and medium scale corporation is ignorance of the benefits of tools as they are costly and require regular maintenance. But things got to turn around as cloud-based construction project management apps were introduced.

Many businesses are now using cloud-based construction project management solutions because of its cost-effectiveness. All transactions are centralizing their projects for better performance. If you think you are need of cloud-based applications, here are some for you.

Project Management Cloud App


CONSYSA is a Cloud Project Management Software that can be used to manage a project effectively. It is software that is designed for the construction industries to manage construction works, documents, communication, planning, and execution. It provides your business with invoicing and real-time tracking. This cloud application is very cheap with a lot of features, and construction managers will love using it.

• Nut cache

This Construction Project Management Cloud App comes with invoice and time-tracking features. As at now, the updated tracking features allow for multiple web-timers. The start or end of the task can be used to track time.

This cloud application allows you to streamline your business processes and activities. It is an ideal tool that helps to organize and plan the project activities and at the same time monitors how your team members are working toward the project goal. With this tool, you can develop client-based projects effectively, delegate tasks to qualified team members and monitors the progress of tasks, cut-off dates, resource and budget management, and worker’s performance.

Project Management Cloud App

• ActiveCollab

ActiveCollab is a cloud application that offers functions like document management, invoicing, budget management, priority and task control, email-based communication and so on. The tool is simple to use that you don’t have through rigorous effort to provide necessary training for your team. Activecollab makes use of timeline and column views instead of the standard Gantt charts or kanban boards.

• Pivotal Tracker

This is a Construction Project Management Cloud Application for teams managing multiple online projects. Pivotal Tracker has featured such as effective communication between team members, user information, and project-based tasks. This tool is straightforward to use that it shows the progress of the project.

Pivotal Tracker has some set of reporting tools, making communication a smooth process. The agile software developer will find this application interesting. The app can integrate with other applications such as Bugzilla, Zendesk, and JIRA. The free version of the pivotal tracker is limited to three users and can be used for public projects and academic research purposes. There are two types of paid versions which are Pro and Enterprise.

• Projecturf

Projecturf is a useful Cloud-based Management Application that can be used to manage resources, tasks, and projects. No matter the size of the project, you need to work with your team members and clients collectively, delegate tasks, share documents and information for successful completion of projects. Project turf helps you to achieve that.

This Cloud Application allows you to create different projects and grant access to team members, give room for real-time discussions. Projecturf has a dashboard activity and reporting functions that are responsible for the app ability to perform data analysis.

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