Project Management Checklist

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Project Management Checklist

Project Management Checklist

A typical checklist for office works is either in a Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word. While there’s nothing wrong with it, the question is, is it efficient enough? Why is even a checklist essential? Other than ensuring that your daily or weekly grind is met. You also need to keep on track of project deadlines. Coming up with a checklist may seem very simple. You can even write on a piece of paper. But the problem is what if your multiple handling tasks at hand? Can you be sure that you won't skip or repeat tasks already finish? Can a handwritten checklist prevent yours from those mistakes?

It’s important to consider those things. Big companies take vital most to the checklist. It's also part of project management. It’s not just about a list, its a list of objectives that you need to accomplish. When you come up with a project plan, you still have an agenda. A list of things to do, to incorporate and a list of steps you need to take execute your plan. Now a checklist also helps you come up with a reasonable timeline. This enables you to identify the cost and the degree of difficulty of a project.

Project Management Checklist

But thanks to cloud technology. It was able to modernize of project management checklist from paper and whiteboards to Microsoft Word or Excel to a Cloud-based project management system.

To have a better grasp of cloud base Project Management Checklist lets take big companies out there utilize a look at the known software.


Scoro is a program that specializes in organizing tasks for project deliverables. It has a feature where you can create a timeline for each assignment. You can also put in the scheduled date on when it should be submitted. This helps you to focus on a pending list of tasks. Once the duties are assigned to each member, you can now set a specific timeframe for them to deliver an assignment. The program itself is beneficial for companies who need to submit a weekly or monthly status report. That’s where the Score software checklist feature comes in handy, it doesn’t just store the pending tasks, but the time it took for it to be accomplished.

Project Management Checklist

CONSYSA – Construction Systems of America

CONSYSA is a platform designed for construction project managers. Now it's essential for a construction project manager to have an organized checklist. Keep in mind that construction project managers have they're own clerical and fieldwork duties as well. But thanks to CONSYSA, it was able to ease up the job of a construction project manager. CONSYSA is an integrated management tool that allows you to check the list of tasks that need to be accomplished, and who is working on that task. It also provides a template for your client presentations. CONSYSA also caters to help project managers in closing a deal with clients. But more importantly, it helps project managers established an organized workflow with a real-time tracker of checklists.


Termagant is another effective program for monitoring your checklist of tasks. Not just jobs but items as well. Termagant has a drag and drops feature. It’s a simple as putting in a task, assign it to someone, set the date and adjust it if necessary. That’s how easy it is. It is like you holding a clipboard with unlimited paper. And you won't even get lost, missed a task or repeat a task. Termagant also has a feature that monitors the availability of an individual employee and the number of work he/she already finished. This incorporates balance in the workplace and making sure that employee’s don’t get overwork or burned out.


Zilicus is an online project management software. It offers a comprehensive system that allows you to use the platform as a mean of communication and generate visual reports for individual projects. It will enable you to monitor projects in real time and assign tasks accordingly. Though Zilicus can be a bit difficult for a beginner, it does offer a video tutorial that you can immediately master within 10 minutes. 


Project Management Checklist

There a lot of cloud-based construction project management software out there with a real-time tracker feature. However, each construction software has its specialization, like CONSYSA it’s a platform that specializes for the needs of the construction industry. And some construction software also requires a level of specialization to navigate. Then again not all of them are. But it's imperative to incorporate a cloud-based project management system in your business for your checklists. It doesn’t only help your employees but also increase your productivity

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