Project Management Apps

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Project Management Apps

Project Management Apps

The construction project management requires an in-depth understanding and modern management of the construction and design process. Before the commencement of a project, there are the critical set of objectives and constraints within the given time frame that needs to be specified. With the technology in town, the management of a particular project has much in common with the control of a similar project in other fields such as construction, Biochemical even though the project processes might differ.

The mission-oriented nature of the management distinguishes it from the general supervision of organizations. A project team will be disengaged when the project is completed. According to PMI, the discipline can be defined as follows :

Construction Project Management is the process planning, controlling and coordinating all forms of project resources such as human and materials throughout the time duration of the project by using the modern methodologies to achieves the predetermined goal and objectives of scope, quality, cost, and customer satisfaction.

Project Management Apps

In contrast to the general business management, this means the coordinating of resources to ensure continuity of repeated operation. However, there are considerable differences and inconsistencies between general management and project management, so that modern management approaches that can be applied to public administration can be used.

Construction project management consists of a series of operations that are subjected to resource constraints, government constraints, and natural constraints to achieve a given set of objectives. There is a disagreement between the goals established with the scope, quality, cost and time, and the limitations imposed by human resources and finance. Creating new alternatives or necessary takeoffs can be used to resolve the conflict.

Project Management Apps

The roles of construction project management include the following:

•Project objectives and plans must be clearly stated which include details of scope, setting performance requirements, scheduling, choosing project members, budgeting.

•Efficient resource utilization is maximized through the procurement of equipment, workforce, and material according to the project schedule and plan.

•Proper coordination and management of schedule, estimating and contracting will ensure effective implementation of different operations at every stage of the entire process.

•Effective communications and mechanisms are developed to resolve conflicts among project members.

Here are some of the best applications for 2018 :

On ware 

On ware was established in 2002 and based in Canada, Edmonton, and Alberta. Ware is a collaborative contract application that connects Owners, contractors, architects, and consultants. Ware consists of tools that can be used to streamline the project process and increasing productivity, therefore, increase project success. Ware has improved the productivity and efficiency of construction projects.


This is one of the leading construction project management applications that can be used to track tools, barcodes, QR-codes, scan RFID tags, and schedule maintenance. It is an asset management system that is fully integrated that enables you to manage inventory, draft POs and create service tickets all in one place. Address histories and service reports help you reduce theft and loss.

Project Management Apps

ePROMIS Construction software

ePROMIS is a construction and engineering software is a flexible application developed to overcome the present and future challenges in the construction and engineering industry. ePROMIS has an integrated business intelligence platform that gives you visual representation into project data, helps you to perform cost analysis, project status and checking project performance profitability.

Quick Base

Quick Base is one of the project management applications that is used by more than 300 construction to build smart and profitable businesses. Whether you are new to the market or developing on existing business, or improving on your operations, the Quick Base platform allows you to create, adjust and scale applications. Quick Base can manage your project schedules and track process effectively by configuring the application. 


FINAL CARD is a construction software helping construction managers anticipate and fix issues found when building structures. This software helps to increase the quality of construction projects to reduce its cost and can be accessed by everybody. FINAL CARD was discovered in 2011, and support many construction personnel’s execute plans efficiently.


Co-construct is the highest custom builder and remodeler software. It is a mobile and web-based project software for builders, remodelers and custom design and construction companies, designed to help coordinate your team, communicate with customers and business partners and manage conflicts in custom construction. A wind It has a calendar function that allows coordinate schedules and ensures that deadlines are met. The comments section makes it easy for anyone to know about updates in real time, and more.


CONSTRUCTION SYSTEMS OF AMERICA is the best Cloud Construction Project Management Software created especially for the Construction Industry from the ground up just the way you would like your workflow to be. Better yet, you can use it for free for life. If and when you do need more storage or band width, then you may pay $29.99 per month. There are no contracts ever, and no credit card is required to sign up.

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