Procore Construction Software

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Procore Construction Software

Procore Construction Software

Procore construction software is cloud-based management application that helps construction firms or organizations increase their project effectiveness and accountability by putting in place a well-run project communication platform and documentation. It gives users the chance to be able to manage and closely monitor their projects from any mobile device, tablet, laptop, or desktop with internet connectivity. This real time data and accessibility mitigates costly delays, bugs and risks, and boosts profits. This software can be used for numerous types of construction projects including industrial buildings and plants, university and college facilities, apartment complexes, offices and other structures. Construction software came into being in 2003 and is based on three fundamental ideas which are:

 The software vendor take note of client’s problems,

 Develops an easy-to-use solutions for the issues and,

 Solutions are applicable with immediacy

New features are created while building the software as a result of the working together of the software team and the clients. After the software team understands clients’ needs, the engineering design team then creates an in-built technology to help clients achieve their project goals easily. Procore construction software is a user-centric product that makes the software simple to use and this facilitates its quick implementation, widespread adoption, and an improved return on investment (ROI). Some of the benefits of using procore construction software are:

1) Its Collaborative feature

Unlimited number of users can have access at no additional charge. Hence, the project team can be brought on board not excluding any subcontractors or third party experts. This software also let users collaborate unlimitedly with anyone from anywhere in no time and has a reliable customer support. It is a collaborative mobile platform which can be used to streamline construction project management as it offers what is needed to standardize construction project processes.

Procore Construction Software

2) Collaboration on Projects

This software provides users with a way of collaborating on projects and viewing documents pivotal to the project, examples of which are project submittals, schedules, contracts, and drawings. Project data can be easily modified and shared by everyone ranging from project contractors to engineers to architects and to construction management companies and the construction project progress can be monitored by clients.


It allows project managers and general contractors alike to be able to purchase the procore construction software based on subscription as it operates under the Software-As-A-Service (SAAS) model.

4) Drawing-Centric

All construction projects start and end with one drawing or the other. Such drawings are marked up and attached to documents related to it, example of which is the project submittal.

5) Open Platform

It possesses an open API which facilitates its integration with other systems. This other systems may include variety of software such as the reporting software, storage software, scheduling software, accounting software, and more.

Procore Construction Software

As can be deduced from earlier discussion, some of the things construction software offers are the following solutions:

1) Connect Field and Office personnel together

All users can view the project from the same perspective while being located geographically dispersed. They are connected together, even though the team is in a diverse location, using the power of mobility they are in syn. They remain connected always and communicate effectively from the field to the corporate office. Hence there will be more teamwork, better project margins and reduced project rework. This software enables team members to access all the required information with instantaneous tracking and simultaneous updates. The features that bring about these are:

 Project Directory which connect and enhance communication among the construction project team members,

 Email Tracking to contour economically or efficiently, project email communications, and

 Integrated Project Scheduling to adhere to time and budget.

2) Manage Drawings and Specifications

Procore construction software is drawing-centric in nature as it places everything, such as photos, punch lists, RFIs, project submittals, needed by the team into the current drawing collection to for easy accessibility and use by the team members when they need it. It also keeps the project drawing specific to the project.

3) Procore construction software offers unlimited user licenses for active participation in the construction project conversations, thus creating a truly collaborative environment with unlimited real time accessibility for all project team members. From project bidding to completion, project can be kept up-to-date with no change gone unseen.

Others are:

4) Clearing of punch lists promptly.

5) Immediate access to the most updated drawings out in the field.

6) Resolve information gaps or conflicts and increase Request For Information (RFI) response time.

7) Organizes and locates construction project submittals promptly to save time.

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