Online Project

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Online Project

Online Project

Online Project is a flexible online tool for managing project portfolio and regular tasks. The online system offers powerful PM features for organizing, planning and controlling plan processes from any device. Online projects are used by project managers, administrators, and team members.

There are two types of online project commonly used which are

• Cloud-based project management solution

• On-premise project management solution

Let’s take a look at each of them


A cloud-based management solution is a software application that makes use of remote or cloud servers for processing logic that are accessible through a browser via an internal connection.Online Project

Benefits of using a cloud-based project management solution

• Cloud-based project management solutions are accessible

The software allows the project manager to gain access to any necessary information worldwide. You can also access data from different devices such as cell phones, computers. Using cloud-based software, you have access to report at the exact spot you are provided that there is an internet connection.

• Cloud-based software is highly cost-effective

Cloud-based solutions are very cheap to buy. You don’t have to spend much on installation or storage. Most of them offer quality service and provides contact support to the customers. Gaining access to information has been made cost-effective.

• No additional installations and hardware

Service offered by cloud-based solutions does not require additional installations unlike other technologies where additional licenses are needed for new computers with a new update.

Online Project

• Reliable and Secure

PM Construction software is made with the quality item; it is made to undergo several security measures making this software secure and reliable. There are several mechanisms such as the sorting of data, SSL certificates are employed by the construction software provider to secure customer’s information.

• Allows web-based collaboration

A system cannot have the exact requirements for the execution of a particular project. There is a need for collaboration with other applications at one centralized place. It allows project managers to manage multiple tasks concurrently in one place. This means jobs can be done within a short time and enhance productivity.

•Low maintenance technology

There is no need for some workers running helter-skelter to tackle a particular challenge. The provider of the construction software is responsible for any upgrade or issue such as software anomalies in the construction software.Online Project

Benefits of On-premise project management solutions

On-premises project management solutions are software that is installed and run on computers within an organization building using the Construction software. At times, it could be called personal software because the software delivery model is always within the user computing environment. IT requires purchasing a licensed copy from the software provider.

The benefits include:

• Data Control

On-premises project management solution is capable of managing business information that is meant to be confidential. Accounting, employee details, supply chain management, and other business intelligence information should remain within the organization. With an on-premise online project, you are in charge of everything.

• Reduced Vendor Dependency

The online project is often known to be very flexible to changes in project processes the on-premise online project is involved in many technical decisions made by the software provider. Implementation of the on-premises online plan often takes more than twelve years. On-premises eliminates the dependency of the software vendor so that different aspects of the system can be altered if needed.

• Limit on-going costs

On-premises software upfront costs are higher, but the total cost of ownership is low depending on the value of the on-going subscription and support service of the cloud-based software. For on-premises software, the upfront cost is cleared at once. The only running cost is just the company daily expenses.

• Foundation for future hybrid cloud expansion

One primary importance of on-premises project management software projects is the ability to collaborate with cloud-based software to make up for the shortcomings of on-premises software without compromising critical issues.


• Easier communication

Even though the cloud-based software is good at integrating with other construction software applications, they are not so good at providing you with flexibility when compared with your customized software. Disregarding applications that can be useful to your commercial enterprise, on-premises solutions provides you with flexibility for using these applications in your business.

These tools are essential for a consistent work-flow. Members of the project team are well aware of their responsibilities and would be able to monitor the progress of the project. When the teams can visualize the development of the group, members will be able to predict the likely issues that are likely to occur, and different ways of solving are discussed among the teams. Team members can give the suggestion that can aid the progress of the project or an approach that can help in executing impending tasks. All the teams need to work collectively when using an online plan because success cannot be achieved if the minds of the teams are diversified when executing a program.

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