Online Electronic Signature Service

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Online Electronic Signature Service

Online Electronic Signature Service

You will agree with me that most businesses are finding it difficult to satisfy their customer needs because of the traditional, manual process employed in getting your contract signed. For examples, you need to get a document signed, and it can only be approved by a particular person only to find out the person is not on the seat but using online electronic signature solutions, the person could be contacted and get the job done from his location and send it back to you.

Another alternative is to fax the document, when you fax a document, you will have to wait patiently for the client to fax back, if your client does not have a fax machine, that could be a problem, you can also opt for email- the client has to print out the fax document, sign it, keep a copy to himself, and send one to you through email but if the client is a busy man, the process will take a lot of days before posting it back which could result from losing over the delay time .

It is a known fact that faxed signatures are recognized and legally binding and the court has even supported this court effect. The same law holds for electronic signatures and its use. E-sign Act and UETA have approved that both electronic signature and digital signature are legally binding and validated even in its electronic form. However, gaining reputation and proved to be very useful for business whose products and processes(like the construction industry) are in high demand in the economy.

That’s precisely why electronic signatures like DocuSign are needed. Every day, businesses are adopting online electronic signature service to sign contracts quickly and in a more comfortable way. These online signatures help to remove all troubles and challenges in the manual process of getting contracts signed, which makes for employees to cover more business tasks; therefore increasing their efficiency.Online Electronic Signature Service

How can be so sure that these electronic signatures are legally backed? Of course, yes, on October 1, 2000, the president of the United States, Bill Clinton uses online electronic signature service in a commercial transaction which corresponds to a written signature. DocuSign is one of the leading and most popular online electronic signature services available in the market, and this sign application fully complies with the E-sign Act, so you don’t have doubt the authentication of the software.

It helps transact deals very fast, cut down the cost spent on paper and ink, eliminates fax issues, reduces the process cycle time from weeks to hours, and ensure that clients are optimistic about using the service. This first-hand and efficient Online Electronic Signature Service is providing suitability to its users and creating a transformation in the office space. Professionals in finance, real estate, construction, and other field are utilizing this service to perform business tasks in lesser time.

Using service, contracts, documents, and forms can be signed electronically and transfer very fast. One of the most vital functions of this service is its ability to save, store, and manage documents in a cloud filing cabinet. Materials that are signed electronically are safe and easily accessible when compared to the old-fashioned pen and paper signed documents. However, alterations can be made when using the traditional method of signing but with online electronic signature service, material and contracts are secured and if any change is made to the document will render the signature invalid.

Mode of operation

First, you need to include the document to be signed, which could be in different formats such as Microsoft Word file, PDF file, Microsoft Excel file and many more. Then you add individuals that will sign the document. It could be just one individual or a group of people. The concerned are then sent a notification to give them notice of the material they need to sign.

The sender, the receiver, the signee can then access the documents that have been signed electronically, for printing and downloading when required for office work, or just keeping a copy for future reference. DocuSign takes a lot to ensure data are protected with first class security, so you don’t have to worry.

Many businesses found DocuSign useful for increasing company return on investment (ROI). It helps the company to stay on top of their processes, saving time and money so that they can pay more attention to other important things like customer relationships and ensuring good quality output.

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