MS Project Management

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MS Project Management

MS Project Management

Construction project management software has to do with the planning and controlling of the task, human resources (Teams and people working on a project), project variables, project process, to achieve a deliverable by the time the project is completed. A deliverable can be referred to many things. It could be the desired product if the project has to do with manufacturing companies; it could be a newly developed system for an organization.

Whatever the end product might be, it must have a significant effect on the business. The result must be one way or the other altered the initial status of the business products to meet the desired specifications, or it could be an entirely new idea which aims to increase the productivity of the business.

Managing a vast or complex construction project could be difficult, as a construction project manager, some stages are critical in project management, let’s discuss these stages that ensure the project achieves the purpose for which it was created.

MS Project Management

Document the Business Requirements

Before a project can be executed, there is always a particular reason the project was initiated. Documents should be created that contains the full details of the project scope, the goal, and objectives of the project, the limitation, assumption made, project constraints and the time frame. These documents can be used to manage the expectations of concerned investors or stakeholders effectively. These documents will also have criteria for acceptance that will serve as a guide to make sure the project was executed successfully.

One of the vital components of the overall project is the production and agreement of the business and could take many corrections before it is approved.

To put the document together, the project manager will have to work together with the team members. The process can be made less complicated by employing brainstorming and interviewing methods or develop a model.

MS Project Management

Document the Functional Specification

The business requirements document does not specify or describe the nature of the deliverable. In projects with a technically complex deliverable, it is necessary to create another record that will explain in detail the quality of the deliverable or output. These documents will not only specify the nature of the end product but also how a consumer can make the best use of it, and the impression is likely to create.

Create the Project Plan

The details about the different tasks and activities required to execute the project, individuals and equipment involved, timeframe, and dependencies should be included in the project plan.

In a project execution, one task must be carried out before another job can be executed, this is because the end product of a particular work may be the starting material for the next product; so the task schedule must be in sequential order. In complex projects, many tasks must be carried out simultaneously to maximize the time given for the project.

Construction project management software cannot be useful without the use of some project management techniques and tools such as PERT charts, Gantt charts, Critical Path Analysis Flow Diagrams.MS Project Management

In engineering, there is a term always referred to as the factor of safety when they are running construction projects. This is an additional estimation just in case the engineer might have made some error in estimation. In construction project management, there is always a high probability that tasks are underestimated; there should be some allowance to cater for the mistake in opinion. In real practice, there is not still enough time for project managers to calculate the time required for project completion.

Assign Project Tasks

All tasks required to complete the project are assigned to team members. Any individual managing a particular job must understand the task at hand and its details. He must be able to overcome the challenges faced when performing a function. He must be able to complete the work to give the required output as explained in the project plan. In reality, the project manager must have discussed the practices with his team and provide relevant information that can aid their performance. He would also consider the criteria for acceptance with the team.

People Management

Executing a project can be frustrating. The role of a project manager is to motivate, encouraged, and keep them informed. When morale is high, it will enhance team effectiveness. It is essential for the project manager to keep the teams together. It is recommended you have regular meetings with the team; this team will get to know their manager well and can pour out the challenges they are facing and offer suggestions that might solve the problem.

Review Progress

Estimates, cut-off dates, and budget should be review regularly to check if they are still on track. The plan should update with the new forecast and budget, and other tasks are still valid with the project specifications.

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