Legal Document Signature Online

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Legal Document Signature Online

Legal Document Signature Online

Digitization has taken over business totally by surprise, and it can be seen that companies that utilize digital or electronic solutions have a more significant increase in return on investment and higher market value than their business counterparts.

Electronic signatures are one useful tool that can be used to achieve an accelerated transition into the desire business automation by adopting the new digital business solutions. In the year 2000, the ESIGN Act (Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce) was enacted by the United States government to simplify the implementation of bringing a new approach of streamlining documents.

However, over the years, most business owners have failed to understand the legality included in the use of electronic signatures. One of the questions that are usually pop out from these businessmen is: how can I be so sure that my documents that are signed using and they are compliant with the law that guides its use?

What other laws are guiding the use of electronic signatures in the United States aside from ESIGN

Of course not, in addition to ESIGN we also have UETA which represents “Uniform Electronic, Transactions Act was established in 1999 to set a legal standard for the use of each state.

This law has been approved in 47 states including the District of Columbia, U.S Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico while some other countries like Washington, Illinois, and New York are yet to approve UETA, although they have implemented similar laws authenticating.Legal Document Signature Online

What are the purpose of the ESIGN Act and UETA

Both ESIGN and UETA exempt electronic signatures the legal significance as that of the manually wet ink signatures in the U.S. these acts:

 Establish a law that validates the used document with the signature requirement.

 The Act also allows executed agreements that are generated through electronic means can be presented as evidence in the court of law.

 Prevent denial of the legitimacy of a document signed electronically just because it is in an electronic form.

What are the factors that make electronic signatures legal for documents in the US?

For an electronic signature to be accepted legally to signed documents, It must fulfill the following requirements which are specified by the two Acts.

(i) Intent to sign

The manually wet ink signatures, electronic signature software are only considered legal only if the user exhibits a clear intention to sign. Taking, for instance, DocuSign allows users to choose the document that requires an electronic signature by providing an option to decline or accept signature requests. 

(ii) Consent to do business electronically

The concerned parties must show their clear intention that they agreed with the terms and conditions of the contract agreement and they are willing to sign the document electronically. Favorite electronic signature in the market is known to suggest users the option of hiring a document with an electronic signature and have their consent that they consent to the agreements.

(iii) Clear acknowledgment of the Signature

Terms and conditions under which a document is signed are essential in determining the acknowledgment of a DocuSign ensures proper acceptance by providing users a thorough report tracking straight from the signer email identity until it reaches the recipient every time a document is signed electronically.

(iv) Signature connected electronically with the record

It is essential that are directly connected electronically to the document being signed. For instance, DocuSign forbids the sending of the report signed electronically to an unauthorized fellow or someone who is not supposed to receive the certificate.Legal Document Signature Online

(v) Record retention

As long as the accurate indicates the agreements and is allowed to be reproduced; the ESIGN Act will continue to legalize the validity of records. Most popular electronic signature software tackle this by offering users a fully completed signed copy of the document by giving them access to download a signed copy of the report.

Docusign electronic signature software is accepted in the united states and many other countries because it is compliant with the rule of the country. To sign documents legally online, you will need an electronic signature software. This signature application helps confirms that the person in charge has approved the report and the material is protected from any form of alteration.

With DocuSign, you can sign and send and manage your documents without worrying about the cyber threat because the information is well protected. Docusign being the best when compared to others because it is approved as an information security management system (ISMS) which is the higher level of global information security assurance you can find.

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