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Jupix is a privately owned company on which a cloud-based estate agency and residential building software system are provided for construction professionals. It uses over twenty-eight technologies that include Viewport Meta and Google analytics for its website. Market shares are gained or retained by many agencies using Jupix innovative technology. Cloud-based residential building software is a phrase common now in the construction industry that people are becoming increasingly accustomed to and relying upon for instant access to information when needed. Jupix has eliminated the need to depend on downloading residential building software or waiting for new software updates to be installed and is tied to a desk to input information.

Cloud-based residential building software has significantly bridged the gap between the speeds of agents’ work and that of the construction industry. Jupix is one of the estate agency residential building software that works well with both Mac and PCs, cloud-based and very cost-effective. It is a frequently updated software with easily accessible upgrades and releases within. There is no need for any prior management or technical expertise because once trained on the processes within Jupix the user becomes up-and-running.Jupix

When an organization uses Jupix, it can:

1. Access Jupix from anywhere the team members are with a functioning internet connection.

2. Connect all personnel, be it the field agents, the office workers, departments or the stakeholders concerned, to have the same updated information, thus encouraging and enabling cross-office collaboration.

3. Be rest assured that there will be no need to invest in any additional hardware for its operation.

4. Get all their data management, property marketing, and property management all in one platform.

5. Have start-up cost and asset liability for any project or program reduced significantly?

Jupix has a provision for a dedicated data transfer team that collects information to create a perfect move of the data held within the current estate or lettings agency software over to Jupix. The experience possessed in transferring data from over 20 different systems showcases its ability to deliver a problem- free and efficient service. Jupix has executed data transfers successfully for single office databases up to the level of multi-office and multi-database structures.

To the credit of Jupix is also the accomplishment of hundreds of data transfers annually from various cloud-based construction software and desktop-based residential building software systems with accuracy, efficiency, and care.


Merits of using Jupix:

Construction brochures

There is a provision for an extensive range of construction brochure designs together with digital displays that can showcase construction portfolios in styles. Thus, properties are expertly showcased with a designed collection of the brochures. 

Digital displays

Market properties can be highlighted with the aid of Jupix digital displays.

Benefits of the cloud

The need to rely on downloading hardware by agents or waiting on new software updates to be installed or being restrained to the desk to input data and information is eliminated by Jupix since it is a cloud construction software provider.

Data transfer

A quick yet accurate data transfer can be achieved as there is a dedicated data transfer team on hand to deliver a stress-free and efficient service. For instance, data transfers for single office databases to multi-office or multi-database configurations can be completed. Test transfers can be performed before the original transmission to quench any flame of the doubt before even burning, after which data can be transferred from the current system in use. We can perform test transfers before your complete removal, to ensure you’re happy with the data we can move from your current system

Time Saver

Any agency or organization using Jupix stands to take advantage of the data transfer team saving time, as they convert the data in bulk from the current system to the new one.

Project management

They have proficient project managers dedicated as a point of contact throughout the transition and testing phase. They are responsible for carefully planning of every element of the move over to the new system whether it is employed as the estate agency software supplier or the lettings and construction management software.

Help Desk

Online and telephone support to clients is offered, opened six days in a week to provide provides excellent care, support and client service at every stage of engagement with Jupix.

Syllabus training

There is a syllabus that consists of construction marketing, construction management and accounts which has been devised to ensure teams gain a full understanding of how to make the most of the many features within the Jupix system.

Personalized training

The consultants work with the company to draw-up a custom-built course, covering the areas of most importance. Knowledge and training needed may be gained to deliver an adept service to the company client’s customers.

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