Introduction To Construction Project Management

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Introduction To Construction Project Management

Introduction To Construction Project Management

The need for Construction Project Management is getting well known by managers across all construction fields. Employees are needed, in this competitive commercial enterprise world, to ensure that the time spent is efficient, productive, realistic and cost-effective. Training and know-how can add quality to any worker looking to expand new skills and abilities. Therefore undergoing Construction Project Management education is vital for anyone whether they want to be a project manager who seeks to go directly to advanced training or for those who wish to own their project managerial skills set. Public education guides are convenient as they could help with student's schedules.

What then can we call Construction Project Management?

A project is created due to a perceived need in an organization. Since the plan is temporary and time-bound, it will have a beginning and an end, constraints of budgets, time and resources and involves a project team. Project teams consist of many individuals working and aiming toward the same project goal

Introduction To Construction Project Management

Construction Project Management is an area that deals with the handling of all of the resources and elements of the project in a manner that the funds will deliver all the output that is required to finish the project in the described scope, time, and budget range. These are agreed upon in the project initiation stage, and by the point, the project starts, all stakeholders, and the group member will have a good understanding and acceptance of the technique, method, and expected consequences. An appropriate project manager utilizes a formal procedure that may be audited and used as a blueprint for the project, and this is done by using a Construction Project Management methodologies.

Construction Project Management Methodology

Introduction To Construction Project Management

Generally, project processes are divided into three levels including Initiation, Implementation, and Closing. Each level then has a couple of checkpoints that have to be met earlier before the commencement of the next stage. The degree to which a project is controlled will depend on the scale of the project. For a complicated project in a big company that entails some people, resources, time and money, a more technical approach is needed, and there can be more steps built into each level to make sure that the project gives you the predicted desired result. For an easy project in a small company, agreed milestones, a few checklists and a person to coordinate the project might be all that is required.

Initiating a Project

All projects start with a concept for a product, new functionality or different preferred final results. The idea is communicated to the project sponsors (the people that will fund the project) using what's called either a mandate or charter. The term is a record that lays out a precise method for proposing a plan and has to bring about a business case for the project. Once the business case has been accepted, a detailed record is prepared that explains the project and its miles known as the 'The Project Definition Report' (PD). The project definition report is not only the most effective used to provide precise facts on the task, but also used as an assessment to know whether the project ought to proceed or not. Some of the key areas it covers are the scope of the project, the results of any feasibility studies, and the purpose of the project. A plan is created for the achievement of a particular goal, and this goal is broken down into several objectives so that you can use to measure whether you have achieved the goal

Implementing a Project

Introduction To Construction Project Management

The implementation stage is mostly about tracking and controlling the process related to the project. The first component that occurs when the project starts is to apply the Project Definition Report to create a project plan which defines how activities are carried out in sequential order. The Project definition report is more of a summary of the project, so a detailed project plan must be created to give the best way a project could be run. The project plan is the vital document that is used to manage the project for its duration so getting approval from all of the team on components such as the project milestones, responsibilities, as well as who is accountable for each project, detailed timelines and the duration of the project

Closing a Project

ntroduction To Construction Project Management

The reason for closing a project is to deal with all challenges that pop up when executing the plan, to release a team of workers from the task and undergo an advanced training exercise. At this stage, approval from the customer is received to suggest their sign-off on the project. Once signed off, the project team is relieved off work.

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