Electronic Sign In System

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Electronic Sign In System

Electronic Sign In System

The economy is becoming a competitive environment, hence the need for organizations to keep an eye on their workforce. Tracking the employees helps employers determine if their employees are productive enough or not productive enough. In doing this, serious issues of information theft or information leak in businesses can be detected earlier and remedied. One effective and efficient means of keeping track or tabs on the employees is to employ the service of Electronic Sign in System. Tracking employees is needed in order to find out which of the department, section or project team are productive and delivering timely as expected. The system is also used by employers to It can also help employers to know the punctuality of the employees to work. The use of log-book by visitors or employees is now receding as data entered are often difficult to interpret. For instance, many employees in some organizations could easily put down the wrong time of entry and departure. However, the use of the digital systems such as an Electronic sign in the system has been able to mitigate the problem; as such employees are no longer able to put any wrong information into it. This is done by scanning the entry and departure pass, and the time is recorded digitally. This then begs for the meaning and understanding of how the system works.

What Electronic Sign in System is all about

An electronic sign in the system can be seen basically as software which is installed or integrated along with the security system of the organization using it. It can also be defined as a robust time tracking system which can be used to track the working hours of the workers. The identities of all workers in the organization are registered by scanning any other identity card possessed, such as driving license or business card. A new identity card (ID) peculiar to the organization is then generated once their data gets saved in the system. Once the ID is generated, it can be used to gain entry and departure access by the employees in the organization. Hence their arrival and departure time can be automatically registered in the system. The card so provided can be used to ensure that employees do not trespass into any restricted area and can be used to track employees’ whereabouts in the organization’s premises.

Electronic Sign In System

For example, employees dilly-dallying at work can be detected by the employers by logging into the system to check the data. This means any culpable employee wasting time can be adequately dealt with by the management without mistake. Many organizations such as a construction firm, install this system types in all work locations for easy coordination as it can work from remote locations, with timing and attendance of employees remaining accurate. One of the numerous advantages of the system is the real-time information available to all employees. The following should be considered when selecting an Electronic Sign In System.


The system should be able to run off any device which has access to the internet, so electronic sign in on any device such as an Ipad, tablet, mobile or desktop pc must be possible and the self-service system collects all the information needed easily. Once the information has been input, instant reports on daily visitors and their historical records of the visit can be provided by the system. This system is very important, especially when dealing with casual workers.


The electronic sign-in system should be very adaptable to changes as they can be branded with desired logo or corporate identity so as to mirror the company. A printer can be connected to the system so that customized visitor badges or ID badges can be printed to give to visitors so that they can be effectively monitored.

The benefits of using this Electronic System are:

 It alleviates attendance and work hour frauds and improves employees’ productivity.

 Though it is a new system, it enormously more efficient than the traditional and aging logbook still in use by some companies as it can help employers to monitor the activity of the employees perfectly.

 It requires basically a portable device for signing in, hence eliminating the need to be at the reception and providing greater flexibility i.e. signing in for meetings using a tablet or checking if contractors are on site for a building project.

 With its vast information storage or database, needed data and reports can be gotten and cross-referenced with the information at hand for improved delivery.

 The time staff and visitors sign in and out can be easily computed when needed.

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