Electronic Document Management System

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Electronic Document Management System

Electronic Document Management System

An electronic document management system (EDMS) is an automated system put in place for organizing and storing various kinds of documents in an organization. This type of system is a more particular kind of system which helps users to organize and save paper or digital documents for real-time access system refers to any software system that is capable of handling in place of paper documents, although these systems may also be used for processing digitally scanned copies of original paper documents. Thus, summarily, it is a collection of software that is used to create, modify, capture, index, distribute, review, maintain, store, retrieve and dispose of information assets. Efficient storage and real-time retrieval are one of the significant attributes of which has made many organizations opt against the traditional paper document. It has been discovered that similarities can be drawn from both the electronic document management system and content management system, even though mostly used for archiving as compared to its counterpart, Content Management System which is used mainly in handling a variety of online or web content from a central site. The classification of digital documents depends on an explicit process of document storage which includes metadata. Key details concerning the data that helps those that are searching the archives for what they need using keywords or topic or other associative strategies are provided efficiently by the metadata.

Essential functions of the electronic document management system to organizations, enterprises or government agencies may include:

 Security control:

The storage process of electronic documents does not require the use of a secure filing cabinet, locks or security personnel to ensure they are safe. Because when a reputable merchant that has the right management setup is employed, electronic records are not going to be susceptible to things like fire, over time degradation or flood has the correct in-built security protocols, access controls and encryption technologies that prevents electronic records from getting mixed up or missing, being damaged or manipulated, or from being accessed by unauthorized personnel. Thus, it serves to controls which users have access to the information being stored.Electronic Document Management System

 Addition, designation, and version control of the stored document

It allows users to modify the system by adding documents to it or designating a document as an official record. It should also have an accurate automated assigning of designated copy.

 Provision of metadata capture and use

It should facilitate the capture and use of the appropriate metadata, providing detailed information, for any organization having it.

Optimal functions of Electronic Document Management system are:

 Records management

Record management software should be provided by the system and must be able to provide secure access to the data in storage, should be able to maintain the record’s context within a record series, and automatically execute the instructions designated for all files in the system.Electronic Document Management System

 Data and Information Storage 

This function will allow the users which can be an individual, an organization or governmental agencies to store documents with full assurance of confidentiality and to centrally manage the existing storage system.

 The free text search feature

It has a free-text search that allows users to search every word in an entire document or a specified group of records.

 Links

Navigation and in-browsing from one document to another document that is related is achieved by the link function provided by the electronic document management system.

 Compound document management

Documents containing multiple elements, also known as compound documents, can be effectively managed. These elements may include hypertexts, short videos, and images.

Note that the main contents are the imaging and authorization workflow processing. Digitized documents are usually stored off-site. Some electronic document management systems stores document images while some systems include optical character recognition (OCR), which can translate the scanned copies of the documents into texts which can be edited when the need to do so arises. This system can also be employed to sort and search large documents collect hence serving as a database.

It is a very efficient means of significantly reducing the amount of labor required for simple tasks or projects. As highlighted above, this system prevents the loss of paper documents that become inevitable with time and circumstances and ensures their modification without being subjected to the making of hard copies. It also allows for secure document sharing among concerned personnel.

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