E-Signature Solutions

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E-Signature Solutions

E-Signature Solutions

Transiting from standard paper and pen to paperless is not an easy task. Infrequently you don't have the whole room to implement new clients facing systems from end-to-end. It is most probable you incorporate new solutions into existing systems. It requires persistence in researching available options and thorough planning. One of your company has been able to determine the benefits of operating a paperless process, the next thing to do is to select a suitable method of collecting both validation and declaration of intent.

For a very long time, the manual signature, stamps, sign with ink on paper; have been accepted globally as a legally binding method for designating contracts and agreements. This concept can be extended to the electronic/digital world would be interesting. Naturally, a signature is distinctive and is given intentionally, so it declares intent.

An individual signature cannot be disregarded so that if a forgery attempt is made, automatic verification systems can be used to check the authentication. Some laws backed the victims of forgeries. Electronic signature solutions provide all the necessary advantages and protections just like the traditional signatures but with much higher efficiencies and better productivity.E-Signature Solutions

Handwritten signatures are the standard practice used worldwide to purchase agreements, consents, contracts, authorizations, payment approvals, forms, and registrations. Acceptance and implementation of a paperless technology are universal when signing an online document with an electronic pen on a signature capturing device.it is the most sensitive, comfortable, and natural of all paperless methods. It means electronic signature solutions will produce documents in their right quality, require less training to start using, and increasing the efficiency of the company.

If the traditional method of signing documents (pen and paper) have been of good help to your organization in the past, but were too expensive in term of resources and involved a lot of time to process, then you can transmit to the electronic handwritten signature solutions that will help reduce business risks, create a positive impression in clients, and process document within a short time.E-Signature Solutions

E-signature solutions allow users to collect signatures on documents and shared in an electronic manner, getting rid of physical materials that are used to trace names. Legally sensitive important documents are distributed for the collection of electronic signatures; e-signatures solutions facilitate this process. Most of the companies use e-signature solutions to encrypt and decrypt documents, such as real estate contracts which require the name of clients, estate owners and all parties involved. E-signature solutions come to a powerful integration functionality that allows the answers to integrate with third-party solutions supply chain suites, sales, human resource management suites, and ERP software systems to facilitate supplier management effort, quote, and contract. E-signature solutions come with an in-built security package that complies with both the local and federal legal requirements to the smooth operation of exchanging documents and confirm the legitimacy and legal development of signatures through e-signature solutions.

The advantages of using e-signature solutions are enormous when compared to manual signatures. Because of this, many companies, businesses, individuals, and government institutions have started operating in the cloud opting for electronic signatures for their well-being, and security and cutting costs on a long-term basis. An electronic name is a method of validating digital data through the use of a password and guarded keys. This method of validation helps to confirm if the sender of the document is the originator of the material. Detection of original papers from those that are forged is only possible when we employ e-signature solutions. In the selection of suitable E-Signature Solutions, here are some factors to consider:

Legal issues and efficiency 

Depending on location, there are different parts of legislation that support the operation of business processes using electronic signature software. Hence, before purchasing new signature software, ensure it is legally recognized and accepted in your area. E-signature solution helps to produce documents that cannot be faked and the answers are designed to detect any fraudulent signatures or individual. The more active the software, the higher the price of the software. However, DocuSign is exceptional because you have more access to features even at a lower cost.


When you say an e-signature solution is valid, that means it can work with all other applications other than Microsoft. Software that can only identify only one signature type or does not support integration with other software will cost you time and money and inconvenience doing your business. Since companies do have a lot of documents that are processed daily, e-signature solutions that can sign more than one signature on many reports, this does not only save your time. It also keeps costs and money.


E-signatures should be so complex enough to get the work done and yet a simple interface to operate and manage. It is choosing a solution that will require little resource input that will save you time and money.

E-signatures solutions are costly, but not all of them like DocuSign with a lot of features and not expensive to accommodate the whole of your business infrastructure.

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