E-Signature Platform

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E-Signature Platform

E-Signature Platform

E-signature is an electronic technique of signing that shows the conformity of an individual to the conditions and terms of an electronic signature service being rendered. It confirms, upon request, the identity of a message creator. Hence E-signature Platform can be likened to seals that are stamped and handwritten signatures, and they are used in the business world today to perform regulatory filings and e-commerce because they are considered to be highly secure. E-signature is accorded much relevance and legal importance as traditional ways of executing documents by many organizations. E-signature can then be defined as the means on which the electronic signing of materials can be achieved. Many are cloud-based while others are offline with some having mobile apps to facilitate ease of use. They can also be seen as systems or applications on which documents can be signed electronically, eliminating the need for the conventional methods of signing documents and contracts and the fear of losing any data or information. Signatures provided can be classed into On-premise e-signature programs that are covered with a single license and are hosted on the client’s local server, Software-as-a-service (SaaS) e-signature programs that are usually paid monthly and are hosted on the vendor’s server, and Open-source e-signature programs that offer free basic plans.

The requisites of an ideal e-signature platform are:

 Security

Security is an imperative factor for any electronic signer as when a user electronically signs documents then actually transacts personal information online. Hence proactive protective measures and multi-approved privilege must be in place to technically protect information and secure its access.

 Privacy

Every user should have a right to their privacy. Hence they should be able to choose. If the program is used by multiple employees at a time, which information to reveal and which data not to disclose, similarly, they should be able to do transactions at their discretion.

 Compliance with all stated rules and regulations

Any platform should be able to provide an e-signature that must comply with industry policies, existing standards, stated laws and regulations. Subscribing to an e-signature from a platform that does not fully comply with all requirements of the intended industry is an unhealthy risk that can be consequential.E-Signature Platform

 Audit Trail

Tracking of documents is vital for enforceability of the related deal, without which, one is very likely to sign papers in a non-reliable manner which is at high risk.

 Scalability and Flexibility

The construct of most e-signatures gives room for a quick response to multiple businesses and industries due to its scalability and flexibility that ensures the acceptance of the vast amount of documents without having performance glitches.

Benefits of E-Signature Software

Chief among the benefits of having a good and efficient

 Savings

Precious time and money can be saved if an effective signature platform is in place as one can always choose to do the right thing or opt for the wrong option when dealing with transactions. For instance, one can either want to be running after signatories of a document to do the manual signing or opt for the electronic means to do that, because keeping a paper-based business alive, scanning and printing and sending texts can be overwhelming for large budgets.

 Better user experience

Employing electronic signing can be a means of adding a better user-experience because many clients welcome it with an open hand since it is going to relieve them of any stress of downloading and installing any package. Users are given the opportunity to sign papers from their comfort place and time.

 Upgraded Security

Many people are no more using the traditional means of storing valuable documents because they no longer trust in the safes being used and are choosing electronic means that have electronic evidence with seals to inform immediately, of any altering in the content of such document. For instance, there is a record kept for all persons downloading a report by most e-signature providers for future reference and without them knowing.

Points to consider when investing in any E-signature platform

 Reduced Cost and Infrastructure

Most apps are pay as you go with no extra investments for software maintenance or trained personnel as they always come with the needed instructions on how to use it effectively. There should also be no need for any in-house hosting or the help of internal IT resources.

 Fast Set-up Time and Minimized Risk

The e-signature platform should have a smooth implementation. Such a platform should also be able to make provision for free trials for users to learn through.

 Customization and Integration

The platform should provide a flexible system such that a wide range of software packages and modules will be available.

 Security and Control

The platform should be able to provide more reliable and robust security that has a secure databank.

 Web Access

Personnel involved must have real-time access to any data of information anytime and anywhere. Hence, mobile apps should be compatible with the most widely used operating system for users to be productive on the go.

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