Documents for Electronic Signature

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Documents for Electronic Signature

Documents for Electronic Signature

New development in technology has been very useful in many organizations across the globe. This advancement in technology has continued to improve the quality of the product of services and it is beneficial for companies to improve their efficiency and in turn increase their productivity. Aside from the fact it increases the company profits and enhances their development, it aids the company in taking responsibility that is beneficial to the society at large. Some of the new development software has the ability to perform their functions and can have a significant influence on society.

Modern technology has helped the various sections of the society in many different ways. Taking, for instance, recent technology in town electronic signature has offered individual numerous ways to turn out and help other individuals. There are some group of organizations who manage transactions and donate excessively with their business partner and volunteer over the web. If companies are given access to such latest technology help them to reach out to a lot of individuals and get assistance from real sources, which might not be anywhere possible without the use of such a wonderful technology software. Documents for Electronic signatures have helped in making transactions and donations possible, users can make pledges and fulfill their pledges using electronic signatures.

Documents for Electronic Signature

Electronic signatures have been found by its user to be more friendly than the manual processes that require a lot of procedure before getting documents signed. Adopting Documents for electronic signatures into your business operations for signing vital contracts and documents will eliminate or reduce significantly the cost of buying paper and ink and other necessary office supplies. If all the companies started running a paperless transaction and processes, a huge amount of paper can be saved. This means there will be a significant reduction in the cutting down of trees and humanity can benefit as a whole. The development of a paperless transaction has been seen in some parts of the world. Our planet can be much better if we promote environment-friendly practices.

Electronic signatures are not just useful for organizations to become more effective, they are also creating a huge positive impact on society. Improvement in technology is equivalent to a quality living. It should be recognized that implementing latest technologies does not only increase the return on investment (ROI) but also give people a better quality of living. However, electronic signatures are only applicable to Documents for electronic and these documents are classified into four formats which are

• Word files

• Spreadsheet

• Portable document format (PDF)

• Powerpoint

Documents for Electronic Signature

Inserting a signatures to PDF or word documents

They are many ways to insert electronic signatures into word or PDF documents. For that Word documents, you can scan the look or image of the signature. save the image on the computer system and run a word app on the computer. When the word document must have been opened, click on “Insert Menu” and then click on the picture, then from your computer, browse the scanned signature document; then you can add the file into the word document. With the PDF converter tools, you can convert the word document to PDF file. These are some of the ways to add signatures to the word or PDF format .


One of the most common spreadsheets utilize by organizations is Microsoft excel which has an intriguing features of creating, editing and protecting documents. Users are able to add passwords, customize auto recovery options and add signatures lines. An excel document with a signature is protected from alterations; any modifications definitely void the signature. This helps you to identify that a document has been seen and approved by the designated signer.

To add a signature to an excel document, open the excel document and then click the sign dialog box by clicking on the signature line and then select “sign”. Add your signature, type the name beside the “x” to add a text signature of your choice. Otherwise, you can click select image to browse a picture imaged of your scanned signature. If you are using a device sensitive to touch, you can add signature straight-away.


For PowerPoint, an electronic certificate is required for electronic signature because it provides a key that can be associated with an electronic signature. Electronic certificates enable the use of Documents for electronic signatures to authorize electronic data.

Start PowerPoint and open an existing presentation where you want to add an Documents for electronic signature. If you have edited slides, save the presentation before continuing.

Go to the File tab and select the information box in the Backstage view. Then select the Protect presentation option.

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