Document Word Online

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Document Word Online

Document Word Online

Gone are the days when you have to install a Microsoft office to create, edit and view some free alternatives that can work with word documents online. But we will be discussing dome few word processing apps that are available online.

Document Word online is a cloud-based Microsoft own software that helps in processing. It is included in the Microsoft office online suite, and it is even accessible without subscription fee; all have to do is to sign in with a Microsoft account. Also, the platform looks similar to that of the offline version of Microsoft Word. If you are used to Microsoft word very well, you will find your way when using word online.

Since it is operated in the cloud, documents created with word online are saved automatically into the online Microsoft folder (One Drive). Microsoft word can also be incorporated which makes it easier for users to switch between the offline app or the cloud app. All the modification that was built in one version of the software are synchronized into the other version, but you must put it at the back of your mind that both apps cannot be used together at the same time.Document Word Online

It also has real-time collaborative functionality that allows multiple users to work together on the same document simultaneously. This function works well with word online, the windows OS, and Mac offline desktop and mobile apps. The Android app is also made available for use free of charge and grant users access to create, view and edit documents at any time and anywhere.

Document Word online is probably the best app for working with word document online because it does a perfect work in retaining the original formats of the document word online It is an excellent solution for creating, viewing and editing word documents.

It is a cloud-based word application. Then you have to be connected to the internet for it to work, it is impossible to create, edit and view offline. It does not possess all the functionalities that can be seen in the offline desktop version of Microsoft Word. Although the essential functions are available, you cannot have access to advanced features like applying styles, use of captions, and advanced reviewing tools. You can only view the document, but you can’t work on them because word online does not possess the devices.Document Word Online

Google Docs

It works almost the same way as the Word online. It is an online word document processor that can be used to create new documents and incorporate well with other users. Naturally, word document cannot be used directly on Google Docs, instead you have to upload the document to Google Drive and then open it using the online Google Docs ( this procedure help to convert the word document to Google format that can be easily be converted to a format that is readable by Google Docs).

For most word documents, it might just be fine if something you will be working with personally. However, Google Docs does not do a neat job at retaining formats that work well with word documents. If it is a document you need to work upon and return it to the owner, I don’t think it is a good idea to use Google Docs because that alone is a strenuous task.

You will love to hear this if you are a user of the Google web browser(Chrome). Google creates an extension tool that allows you to open word document directly into the Google Docs without converting them. This extension tool is called Office Editing for Docs. It is available free of charge on the chrome store.

Zoho Writer

If you are the type that does not really like working with Google Docs, there is another online software package called Zoho Writer. The free online word processor allows you to import word documents online without converting them. It will enable upload of word documents that do go beyond 10MB in size. On most cases, the most word document size is always in kilobytes, but at the 10MB size, that can accommodate a lot of documents, any word document above that size will not be able to work with Zoho Writer.

Zoho Writer supports all the latest word document formats. It does well in maintaining the layout after the document has already been work upon. It also allows its user to save and export word documents to other formats such as PDF, ODT, HTML, txt, and ePub.

Apart from the cloud app, Zoho Writer is also available for mobile devices such as Android and iOS. Both Android and iOS also allow collaboration and editing functions.

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