Digital Signature Solutions

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Digital Signature Solutions

Digital Signature Solutions

They are dependable software packages and products in the market that help create a digital signature solution by integrating both the electronic graphical signatures and digital technologies of their handwritten signatures. It is both safe and efficiently organized. The whole process is based on the standard of public key infrastructure industry or putting unequal cryptography. In an essential public infrastructure (PKI) system, users are assigned each with a single pair of the key that includes a public and private key. These keys are used in the decryption and encryption of document information that is required for signing in an electronic format and for confirmation of the owner signature. The private is kept with the owner of the document and stored in a confidential place, hence maintaining the security of data.

Digital technology makes use of a cryptographic function called hashing. Hashing is used for creating and validating a signature. The hash function entails an algorithm that is used to create an encrypted message or digital signatures. This encrypted message is technically definite to the parties involved in the signing of documents. It gives the assurance that the person signing the report is the owner. In this way, it implies that the material cannot be reused, reprinted or assigned to another person once the owner signs it. It is more like a locking document with a shielding seal. Any changes made to the digital report upon signing are invalid as it cannot be used again for another, and doing this, the document might be considered illegal or fake.Digital Signature Solutions

How does it work?

When the document owner who is in charge of the private key needs to transfer a document to someone he uses the private key to sign the report, the process is opened with a mathematical function that is used to create a message digest or document hash. The document hash is approved in a digital format using the private key, and it is then included in the message. The originator of the document will send the original text with involved in it using the public key. The receiver confirms that the material is unique and is coming from the originator by using the public key. It further instigates a verification process for confirmation. The hash value from the received message is calculated and equated to the values obtained in the original document, and if they are the same, it authenticates the owner’s signature.

However, there are certain vital points to consider when choosing a digital signature solution for your company. Even though most of them are not visible, they are essential elements for the smooth implementation, operation, and management of solutions, influencing every aspect of business processes. To ensure a low cost of maintenance and a fast return on investment from solutions, you will need to pay attention to these factors.

1. Seals Documents - This is the foundation block of a good solution. It protects the document from alteration through seal whether it is small or as a result of night hacking of the network.Digital Signature Solutions

2. Multiple Application Support - In most cases, PDF and word applications are the only apps supported by digital signature solutions which may be OK for some. If your company needs to sign in additional programs digitally such as Excel, project management software, Auto CAD and other cloud applications, this solution will not be applicable for multiple application support.

3. Graphical Signatures - Of all the standard software use almost all lack of graphical signature features. It is a significant fault. Graphical signatures make specific signature is seen, and could have a psychosomatic impact: the signer is assured that the document is signed and it is legally accepted.

4. Multiple Signatures - Most of the digital signature solutions do not support document alteration once a digital signature solution is applied. It is worthy in terms of document seal. The challenges arise if the technology also prevents other users from accumulating signatures into the document.

5. Zero IT Management - Be cautious that the time required for implementing digital signature solutions is always long and could consume a lot of resources. IT staff can spend weeks and months every year managing a chosen solution. Also, the organization might need to hire an additional staff member to manage activities or deploy a help desk to make sure that users can sign documents digitally without any difficulty.

There are many digital signatures Solution available out there you can lay your hands on. But from my research, I have found E-sign and DocuSign more useful and worthy.

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