Different Project Management Tools

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Different Project Management Tools

Different Project Management Tools

For everybody in the business of handling projects, what type of management tool to use looms massively? You need to make sure you use the device that replicates how your enterprise works. However you furthermore you don’t want to turn out to be creating your project around the tool available. At the equal time, you don't want to emerge with a device that doesn’t embrace the whole scope of yours.

Picking the proper tool is difficult, but there is no reason not to think practically. The devices are pretty easy to apprehend, in a way: you do not need to pay a whole lot of attention to functions when you could look at philosophy. Here are different kinds of project management tools to manage your projects.


Insightly is a project management tool that offers an effective customer relationship management for a growing business. It allows you to build your business impression in the mind of the targeted customers.


• project activities are tracked effortlessly

• It helps to generate sales and extends your business awareness

• It helps you develop relationships that are fruitful

Pricing: Access fee for using Insightly is $15 per team on a monthly basis

Different Project Management Tools


Clarizen is a cloud-based project management tool that offers collaborative features to help you manage your construction project effectively. it also assists project managers to distribute on time information to their respective teams.


• Clarizen permits the automation of workflows and project processes.

• Cost management and tracking of budget

• Flexible UI to accommodate process changes

Pricing: It goes for a whopping amount of $60 per month


Comindware is one project management tool that is known to manage tasks, documents, and data. It does this by taking control of task-relevant data and ensuring business processes are executed in a timely effective manner.


• It assists in the optimization of business processes

• Customer relationship and customer order management functionalities

• It allows monitoring of task and activities, complete process automation and integration of business systems

Pricing: the service is offered for a price of $29.99 per user

Different Project Management Tools

Easy Project

The easy project is an effective project management tool for your construction business, projects. It is used by a well-known large organization like Lenovo and so on. It can also be used for educational purposes and dissemination of information.


• Enables project plans and maps that are visible

• Proper management of human and material resources, cost, and customer relationship management

• Allows integration with other management tools like Redmine

Pricing: It offers a pro plan that allows 60 portfolios and 100 custom fields for $21 per user


Crocagile is a simple work tool for agile developers. It is developed to enhance smooth communication. It helps to increase the skills of an agile developer using cutting-edge technology


• It streamlines communication through group chat, Activity streams, and smart alerts

• Changes made by the team are automatically updated and centralized in one place

• It allows the sharing of information among team members and reviews

Pricing: services are offered at $2.50 per user which includes a 30 days free trial


Producteev is a project management tool for managing tasks of small and medium scale enterprise. Construction project tasks and other collaborators are accessible to project managers. It makes it more comfortable for the manager to plan projects, organize files, assign tasks and project tracking.


• Organization of tasks with just one click

• Effective collaboration

• Time tracking of projects

• Personalized platform

• Access to contact support

Pricing: The premium goes for $99 per user


If you are looking for a construction project management tool that delivers the project on time, go for Teamdeck. It is an essential tool for managing construction project resources and time tracking of tasks and projects. Teamdeck helps project managers assign tasks to members and track the time spent on that task using time sheets.


• Ensure tight scheduling for proper allocation of resources

• Time tracking of tasks and projects

• Good management system

• Abilities to measure billable hours

Pricing: Free plan available for only 6 users. Business plan starts at $3.99 per user and $1 for the basic resource


Smartsheet is an easy tool that helps teams collaborate, track time, generate reports, manage resources and schedule tasks. Cloud-based software has incredible features that place it on the list of the best management tools.


• Collaborate with the team

• Update requests automatically

• Google Drive attachments, Onedrive, Dropbox and more

• Get visibility on who is doing the work well and who is not

• Safe authorization control

Price: the single plan starts at $ 14 and the business plan at $ 25 per user per month when invoiced annually.

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