Creative Project Manager

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Creative Project Manager

Creative Project ManagerA Creative Project Manager can be said to be the master in the field of project management who can conjure ideas and innovations to facilitate the efficient delivery of project outcomes. They are charged with planning, procuring of needed resources, and perfect execution of the project within a defined scope irrespective of the project type. Creative managers are the first to the point of contact for any issues or discrepancies amongst the heads of various departments in any organization before the problem escalates to higher authorities. Project management is solely their problem to solve. The creative manager focuses on the realization of the result without participating directly in the activities that produced the outcome, but rather maintain the progress of the project and the mutual interaction various personnel in such a way that reduces the risk of overall failure and maximizes benefits.


Creative managers know being a leader is not an easy task yet they can manage and lead effectively; all the big and small players in the project. The ordinary manager either gets misled or imposes on the team, all decisions. Creative project management is a non-linear process that can sometimes be concurrent. The original project manager does not think and solve project in the stereotypic conventional way, as there is no best practice for managing a project creatively. Creative managers are critical thinkers and strategists. They develop new strategies and translate the project into the required outcome or deliverable.

Creative Project Manager

Seven must-have skills for creative project manager:

1. Communication skill :

Communication is the most important skill any manager can have when running any project no matter the project type or client. Having the best creative resources at disposal does not necessarily guarantee a successful execution of the plan unless there is an active exchange of ideas and knowledge across the project team. It should be noted that having good communication and rapport with the project team can accelerate the outcome of a project although it is more than ordinary sweet talk because the Project team, clients and stakeholders can discern truth from lies. Hence, effective communication gets things done promptly and accurately.

2. Inspiration and motivation :

A Creative Project Manager should have the ability to conjure a compelling and attainable vision of the future. Set goal is achieved by motivating the workers, inspiring them to do better always. Adequate inspiration and positive reinforcement raise team spirit to perform at their best. When a manager creates this kind of environment, he makes the project easy to execute and also breeds talent, internal growth, and creativity across the project team.

Creative Project Manager

3. Integrity and honesty :

Great leaders are always honest, upright and transparent in any dealings. The manager that has and surrounds himself with a team that possesses these virtues most certainly has a successful outcome. They stand by their words and deliver the promised result, leading by example to get the required result from the team.

4. Self-awareness and belief :

There can be no successful project team without a stable leader who has self-awareness and belief as nothing can be done without them. And since success begins within, knowing oneself ensures the unit can be the best they can. So When you have a sense of your role, it encourages you to do something about it.

5. Conflict management :

Having conflict management skills goes a long way in killing any dispute before it even emerges. Conflict is a tricky and inevitable situation that occurs in the course of project execution, but timely and adequate management of opinions in the project team can be used to curb it. In any organization, especially in construction, workers tend to get into disagreements on projects. It is the job of a manager who is creative, to mitigate and address appropriately to stop future propagation. It is done by understanding and settling the discord, ensuring all parties are comfortable with the proposed solution and decisions made.

6. Agility and adaptability :

A creative project manager will always be adaptable to changes, as projects tend to change all time. This adaptation is the willingness to stay open to ideas and make optimal use of it in new situations. Project managers’ agility demonstrates the swiftness to action.

7. Industry knowledge :

To be a successful project manager, one has to be conversant with the intended industry. For instance, any accomplished construction project manager must have known everything about the construction industry, both weakness, and strength inclusive. Years ago, project management was a generalized field with the assumption being that anyone could draw a project plan, execute, and monitor project issues. It can be seen, recently, that that is not usually the case as the construction industry is now a fiercely competitive environment.

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