Contract Signing App

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Contract Signing App

Contract Signing App

Most organizations like to handle most of their business affairs in a computerized manner, eliminating the dependency on the needs of forms and documents printed on paper. Even though some firms still make use of a pen signature on the final stage of an essential contract, there is no reason to force the redundant practice anymore. With the right, it is easier, faster, safer and cheaper to handle the organization contract portfolio and this is not limited to just drafting or keeping a group of contracts but also includes the signature stage of the contracting life cycle. Here are the top reasons why you need for contract management.

 It is fast

There is no argument about how technology has increased the promptness of many business operations. It enables instant communication and the sharing of documents in real time so that workers can complete more work with a small period. In the past year, the contract process could take up to weeks and months at a time when physical documents have to go round for final checking and signing. That incorporates an electronic signature function allows for better and faster turnaround time, ensuring that all parties connected to the contract can start immediately fulfilling their obligation as regards the deal.

 It is convenient

It is evident one of the primary reasons why technology has positively affect the productivity of employees is because workers are convenient and comfortable performing their tasks diligently. That is operated in the cloud allows workers to access their jobs from anywhere and anytime; employees will not be able to give an excuse for work lagging. Concerning contracting issues, contract documents can be modified, checked and even signed from any internet connected device. Also if the parties involved are out of office or on vacation, finalizing an agreement without the need to see each other physically.Contract Signing App

 Safe

One of the significant concerns of contract signing application is whether the information is safe and secured in cloud space. Let say companies have been electronically saving vital information, and there has been an increase in the rate of cyber-attacks in an attempt to get the valuable data, there are issues that are understandable as regards the security of online documents. Of course, the problems of physical contracts is that they are easily forged or altered without knowing it and difficult to trace the fault. That’s an advantage contract signing application has over environmental documents; they are difficult to modify and are trackable.

 It is cost-friendly

Before creating the physical document, ut requires paper, ink, envelopes for package and postage; all this need to be purchased increasing the cost of processing costs and contracts.this become worse if a deal is revised and amended many times, raising the price from additional printing, passing across and signing. Even though an online contract signing application might require the payment of a monthly or yearly fee, the advantages, and functions of a cloud Contract Signing App is beneficial; and thus making the app investment worthwhile.

 It is necessary

Nowadays, performing duties using technology has tended to be the norm rather than the exemption. Companies need to enter contracts with business partners and clients; these partners prefer most of the transaction should be done online. Rapidly, people are getting used to the ease and convenience of online data banks and mobile application and organization will at all means their business practices meet these demands and expectations; thus, offering electronic means of processing documents and ensuring a smooth process is not only beneficial but also essential.

Let's see some of the contract signing applications used by most organizations.


DocuSign is one of the leading suitable for all organizations of all sizes. The software programs are beneficial when signing a different type of documents such as approvals, business contracts, land agreement, and school permission slips

The application allows users to upload documents, send them to the person that will sign it, and specify the way it should be approved. It also has tags to indicate where exactly is the signature required. Signature fields can be incorporated into online application and also be incorporated into documents as well.


HelloSign is a that enables users to sign and send documents and also helps in tracking the state of all the records. It also includes inbuilt tools such as automatic email reminders, team management functionality and flexible signing workflow.


Eversign is a Contract Signing App whose aims is to create a secure and monitored cloud space so that business can rest assured that their information is safe. It also helps employees get a signature on their document very fast saving them the stress of going through the long, tedious process.

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