Construction Workflow

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Construction Workflow

The construction business is a very complex venture that involves a lot of analogy and planning. It's more than just starting with a simple feasibility study; the construction industry always has to look into production problems first. From supply chain problems, allocation and availability of resources, negotiating with stakeholders and how you bridge the gap between office and field works.

To give you an idea of what it's like to be in a construction business a perfect example would be the interaction between the foreman and a construction project manager. A fireman's job is to organize all the documents of a project to a particular contractor. Their work mostly focuses on off-site. He directs the various stages of the construction project with the supervision of a specific contractor.

As for a construction project manager, she must relay information to the foreman; this information includes blueprints, updates on the negotiations, changes in the contract and documentation, acquiring permits and budget management. Now imagine there’s a delay in the communication process between the foreman and construction project manager. The project management is very definitely going to fail; a supervisor might work on an old plan, over hire workers, or missed a deadline. If that’s the case, then a project manager needs to correct these errors and do it fast.

What makes it complicated is not just the relaying of information, a construction project had to go through numerous legal battles even before starting the project. So it’s crucial to avoid any legal conflicts. Licensing requirements and insurance are one of the top priorities to prevent legal disputes in the project.

Construction Workflow

All of these falls into what project managers call fault management and quality control. Fault management is about isolating malfunctions and tracing faults like where did the fabrication of a document start. Lastly is when worst comes to worst a project manager needs to have sufficient coverage for all this damage because the important part is for a project manager to push through. It will create more havoc in the future if a project ceases to continue.

Quality control is about making sure the project reaches its standards; it evaluates everything before finalizing the plan or saying it’s done. This includes the overall documentation of the construction project management, from finances, building and compliance code and what it’s going to be like after the project is done.

The key to a smooth workflow in a project is to integrate everything in one place and have a real-time tracker in progress every job listed. Thanks to cloud base project management system this can be done quickly.

Construction Workflow

Cloud base management software allows you to track and manage project assignments with ease. The key is to have a centralize digital storage and means of communication and collaboration. This eliminates all the time-consuming barriers that a construction project faces daily. A perfect example is CONSYSA – Construction Systems of America. It’s the best cloud project management software created that is specifically designed to eliminate roadblocks in a construction project to move forward.

It’s a cloud base project management software where you can store all the tasks, records and documents that you need. A secret to a successful project is real-time tracking of works reporting of works being done and approved blueprints or project plans and manage disputes promptly.

CONSYSA has this capability due to its smooth integration of all documents and feature that notifies employees of what task needed to be done or when a particular task is finished. The foreman and project manager will be announced in real time and provide commentaries or revisions in real time as well.

Utilizing this type of platform provides you a sense of convenience and security that your project won’t fail. The key is communication and full accountability once a task is assigned regardless of one's location. By making everything visible at hand creating revisions is a breeze. A team leader can even provide direct instruction to team members of what’s needed to be done and at the same time project managers are being notified in real time.

Apart from these, it can also monitor finances, payouts, contract updates and client information. While it may seem too right to be true, but the thing is that’s just how a cloud base system works. It gathers information with boundless capacity. With that said it might seem that you may get lost in the software. CONSYSA is designed in a way where computer illiterate would find it easy to navigate as well. All it requires is familiarity with the nature of the project, job, and task at hand.

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