Construction Project Management Companies

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Construction Project Management Companies

Construction Project Management Companies

The construction Industry involves Construction sector types which are Real Estate and Infrastructure Construction. Real Estate comprises of Residential, Industrial, Commercial and Corporate Constructions, whereas, Infrastructural Construction, on the other hand, is exemplified in Roads, Urban Infrastructures, Seaports, Airports and Power Stations.

The prerequisite in managing projects of this kind is vast knowledge and skillfulness in an organization with consultancy playing a multipurpose role in such projects, with the provision of services from the start until the finish. Pro-activeness and creating a winning platform is of high value in keeping the client requirements at every stop in project life. The efficiency and outcome of a project can be improved.

Simple use of Knowledge, construction skills and experience possessed at different levels are the qualities of a suitable Construction Project Management Company managing a project, though challenges such as contractor coordination issues are faced, these issues are easily solved.

The following are the tools usually adopted by Construction Project Management Companies for complex management; Roundtable progress Review, training on the various field, design – construction interface, regular quality audits, quality diligence & delivery sessions in the team, Reporting dashboard.

Construction Project Management Companies

Encompassing construction Management consulting services are made possible by Construction Project Management Companies with their possession of engineering and construction experiences evident in their ability to provide real and cost-effective solutions to challenges faced by owners, contractors, engineers, and architects every day. Clients are helped to put in place and direct the construction process to solve complex problems.

The construction manager:

• He organizes and monitors different projects, including the building of all types of residential, commercial and industrial structures, roads, power plants, schools, hospitals, and bridges

• oversees specialized contractors and other personnel

• Schedule and coordinate all design and construction processes to ensure a productive and safe work environment.

• The project manager must ensure that the project is completed within the given time frame and the right appropriate tool is used in executing the plan.

• He is responsible for obtaining work permits necessary to carry out construction works.

• It is responsible for controlling multiple projects simultaneously.

• He is responsible for organizing and addressing budget matters.

• he must give direct orders, explain complicated issues to employees and customers, as well as to discuss the technical details with other construction experts

• Note that Construction project Management Company provides construction project Managers that work in-hand with other human resources such as architects, engineers' stonemasons, electricians, and carpenters as specialists in some areas such as road building, painting, and metalworking and so on may be of need in the project. Depending on the project, a Construction Management Company may have to interact with government personnel. For instance, working on a property or municipal buildings contracted by the government, Construction Management Company may have to discuss with state council members ensuring all regulations are met. And for projects that are too large to be singly managed by one person, such projects are divided up between different managers with each construction manager being in charge of one part of the project coordinating its construction phase.

Construction Project Management Companies

The need for maximizing efficiency and productivity prompts the use of dedicated process costing and planning software to budget effectively, the fund and the period necessary for executing a specific project. Some managers also make use of software to determine the most appropriate method of conveying materials to the site and plan project strategies to identify and solve unexpected problems and delays. As the decision maker, decisions made must be quick to meet deadlines. For example, choosing personnel or experts for a particular task. Some self-employed managers generate their opportunities are proactive to find new clients. Employing competent workers as well as having a good rapport with them is essential, so also is allotting works to staff, subcontractors, and other section heads effectively giving instructions and delineating complex information to workers and clients, discussing technical details with other building specialists. Managers must also be conversant with techniques and the latest technologies involved in construction and should be able to interpret contracts and technical drawings. It is paramount to meet deadlines. Hence, they ensure construction phases are completed on time so that the next step can begin. Examples of construction project management companies in the U.S.A. are:

1. Bechtel Group Inc.—San Francisco, CA

2. Fluor Corporation—Irvine, California

3. Chicago Bridge & Iron Company—The Woodlands, Texas

4. Jacobs Engineering Group Inc.—Houston, Texas

5. Kiewit Corporation—Omaha, Nebraska

6. Turner Construction—New York City, New York

8. PCL Construction—Denver, Colorado

9. Whiting-Turner Contracting Company—Baltimore, Maryland

10. KBR (Kellogg, Brown, & Root) Inc.—Houston, Texas

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