Construction Planning Software

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Construction Planning Software

Construction Planning Software

The Construction Industry has been growing at a faster rate over the years. Commercial building, public work construction, and institutional building are projected to increase on a global scale. There has been a high demand in the sector because there is an emergency need for construction works ranging from an individual ( building of a house, shops, apartment, gym center) to the government ( construction of infrastructure, roads, complex structure) and so on. Construction project managers can use specific contractor software to set their goals, objectives, and plans developed communications among project team members, implementation of operation and optimization of assigned resources.

Also, construction project managers make use of contractor software to automate how managers administer tasks, handle workload assignments, estimate costs, and facilitate the scheduling of tasks. Without many words let take a look at the contractor software that is at their best in providing useful project planning for construction personnel.


CONSYSA is an online Construction Planning Software program developed to help plan construction and construction projects. CONSYSA understands the value of time; that’s why it has developed a simple, fast and reliable system. It also has some degree of defense encryption to protect all data. CONSYSA offers excellent features for the operation of a construction company such as project management software, customer management, project estimation, human and material resources and many others in a single centralized system that distinguishes them from similar competitors.

Construction Planning Software


Procore is one of the most popular Planning Software for Construction in the construction industry that is used for simplifying project documentation and communication. It is a cloud-based software that includes the latest web technologies for managing and Planning Construction Projects. Furthermore, the software can be used to track the progress of multiple projects at the same time in a one-page dashboard.

Other features of the software are contract management, time management, project management, scheduling, quote management, and sales management.

Procore is also used by construction professionals to manage projects from any device that can be connected to the internet while maintaining access to drawings, project management, RFIs, schedules, and contracts.


Workflow max is a Construction Planning Software that is used by construction professionals to manage tasks, invoice, time. It is software as a service (SaaS) which means it is easily assessable through the internet and also have other project management features such as sales leads, initiation, planning, close-out and costing of all the phase of a construction project.

Most users associated with this planning tool include general contractors, construction and building personnel, architects, surveyors, and engineers.

Construction Planning Software


GenieBelt is a Construction Planning Software that specially designed for planning. The software incorporates program and project management, complete audit trails, document sharing, automated drawings control and document transfer to provide basic project management features. 

The software is also available on many internet connected devices such as tablets, Androids, and PCs. It is only available online which means it is deployed in the cloud. Other features include contract management, timesheets, document and image management, task management, field reporting, sub-contractor management, and job scheduling.

Newforma Construction Suite

Newforma construction suite is a Construction Software packages that combine pre-construction activities, project management tools and field reporting tools. Pre-construction allows project managers to view project drawings, manage email, search for information for project progress. Using this software, users can organize bid documents and models for MEP clash detection.

This Construction Planning Software helps in managing and organizing contracts, change order management, RFIs, and action plans through an Android phone or tablet. Field management can be used for managing project pictures, punch lists, and spatial indices. It has a demo program where you can test all its features.

BIM Track

Bim Track is perfect Planning Software for building design, commercial constructions, and infrastructures to help minimize wasteful effort. This software is deployed in the cloud which can be used to detect and identifies problems with three dimensional BIM models. BIM Track contains plug-ins for Revit to manage challenges. Other features of the software include incident reporting, subcontractor management, task management, and lead management. 

The Planning Software has a pre-built interactive design that is compatible with browsers and mobile devices. It has a 3D display that allows viewing of projects. The software also provides metrics for tracking of issue management


ePROMIS is a Construction Planning Software that is used in engineering and construction organizations to track and evaluate project performance. The tool also provides a solution to insight on how to overcome current and future challenges. The software has other features which include bid management, job costing, billing and invoicing, change orders, document management, contract management, and field reporting. The solution is only accessible via the internet.

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