Construction Plan

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Construction Plan

Construction Plan

Construction plan is a fundamental yet challenging activity in the management and execution of construction projects because it encompasses so many things, some of which are the choice of technology to use, work responsibility definition, the approximate resources needed and durations for individual duties, and the identification of any interactions among the different project tasks. One would ask what a plan means. A program is any method or scheme drawn up to act or do a particular job. When devising a reasonable budget and schedule for a construction project management software, having a proper construction plan should serve as the basis. In addition to the technical aspects of construction planning, crucial organizational decisions are made about the project teams and even which organizations to include in a project. For example, one can determine the extent to which contractors on a project will be needed. Construction projects however small or large requires a careful plan since it involves using different resources such as human, equipment and materials, money, etc. In addition to a carefully made plan, the need for flexibility in construction projects cannot be over-emphasized as delivery dates shifts and activity proceeds at a fantastic pace.

Construction Plan

There is some information the planner must provide about the significant risks they have been unable to eliminate and the steps taken to reduce or control those risks. The principal contractor or construction manager must also permit the sub-contractors and the project team leaders to review the plan. Hence, during the project some of the activities involved in the construction plan are described below:

• The scope of the project must be defined

It is highly essential that the scope of the whole project be defined as the activities involved involve the consumption of a lot of resources to different magnitudes. Any alteration in the range could hurt the project at large in terms of time taken to come to completion and cost. It could also cause a souring of the relationship between the teams involved in the project. For instance, if a constructor tasked with constructing a railway line through some settlements decides to add cutting and falling of trees to a later date in his scope of the project. The difficulty is bound to arise as a result of its initial omission.

• Activities involved should be identified

It is related to defining the scope in planning, as all the things done in construction project management would be acknowledged. It is vital that these activities be identified and listed since they involve the consumption, to a varying degree, of physical resources. Documenting the starting and finishing personnel of the project team and resources expended is a good example.

Construction Plan

• Establishing project duration

Project Duration can only establish if the total inter-relationships, productivities, and resources are known. Since construction duration is a function of the resources consumed then the period for the project can be reduced by merely increasing the resources available which may be at an additional cost. Therefore, arriving at an optimum resource commitment level requires balancing the time and project cost.

• Defining the control and resource assignment procedure

It is essential that the construction plan is strictly adhered to by all involved in the construction or its phases. This procedure for the procurement and control of the resources such as fund, workforce, machines, and materials for different activities are laid down.

• Updating and revising the plan

Construction plans need to be updated frequently and revised but before a planner can say he has got an idea that needs to be changed or updated; some fundamental issues must be treated. The planner needs to understand the project and its expected delivery clearly, the required input and processes involved at different steps. Similarly, the time and productivity involved should follow. Milestones and targets for each department should be set to facilitate proper monitoring during project execution

• Developing a suitable interface

It involves the use of some tools or software to aid the planner. It can be a format for reporting, and it should be able to provide sufficient information that is proportionate to the scale and complexity of the construction Project management software.

The different types of construction plans employed in a construction project are dependent on the criteria which a successful project is based. Thus the various models based on each test are:

Time plan: Covers all the construction duration and its events;

Human resources plan: Caters for the needed personnel for the construction entire duration. It estimates the workforce and divides it into functional units or teams and schedule its deployment;

Material and Finance plan: Here materials are identified and estimated, the right quantities are specified. Procurement, inventory, and monitoring of articles are done. The fund is sourced, and its optimal use is adequately monitored;

Construction equipment plan: Modern construction depends heavily on machines or equipment to ensure timely completion of projects. Characteristics of this equipment are noted so also is their optimal usage.

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