Construction Administration Software For Architects

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Construction Administration Software For Architects

Construction Administration Software For Architects

As an architect, you have a lot of administrative responsibilities required for the smooth running of the business. These duties include execution of project management at hand, preparing for the next project, devising a plan to execute, creating project calendar and so on.

Just as the saying goes, time is money using suitable administrative software or tools. You can save your time and money and focus on other tasks. Here are some useful administrative tools that you can use to run your business.


ArchiCAD is an administrative tool that is developed to enhance architectural design workflow processes. This result in overall performance in their core design work and improving design idea. A company in Hungary called Graphisoft produces ArchiCAD.

Benefits: An architectural design package with full 3D modeling and BIM functions. The architect also includes some administrative tools that can be used to manage documents and collaboration tools through the BIM cloud.

Disadvantages: Even though ArchiCAD can be used to carry out some construction project management work, it should be noted that it cannot replace dedicated construction project management software as it lacks some basic features such as Gantt chart, Pert Chart, and risk management.

Construction Administration Software For Architects

BQE Core

BQE Core is formerly known as ArchiOffice. BQE core is a cloud-based administrative tool that was designed for the architect who can manage their time more efficiently. It can be used to track invoices, construction project workers, and document management. BQE Core offers some certain business features such as business intelligence, business accounting, and management. It is found useful in many fields such as construction projects, engineering, consultation, accounting and so on.

BQE Core can be accessed using any browser; it also has an application that can be run on the iPhone, androids. This tool also comes with an in-built of over 250 customized to generate different invoice types.

This administrative tool offers collaboration with other construction software and has a certified partnership with Google Drive, Dropbox, and QuickBooks. This tool is suitable for small and medium scale commercial enterprises, law firms that are willing to offer professional service to their clients by utilizing the in-built accounting and client management features.

Construction Administration Software For Architects

Benefits: BQE Core is specifically designed for the architect for carrying out their design work With a pre-built RFIs and ASIs

Disadvantages: it is meant to supplement architectural construction project management software but cannot be replaced with it.

Pricing: the use of BQE Core could cost about $50 per month which includes the billing and project management features. has a specific feature that can enhance the performance and efficiency of any commercial enterprise; it is widely regarded as architecture software tool just because of its client management and document management functions. provides you detailed information on your project and organizational performance in terms of the needs of the project. consist of a board lists all projects and associated tasks, send as information to the team members in charge of the project.

Construction Administration Software For Architects

Benefits: was built in such a way learning the software can take place in a short time, and easy usage. It also includes most construction project management features ranging from costing, finances to time tracking.

Disadvantage: is mostly used as a supplemental tool for CAD and BIM software. It also aids you with the necessary information for the architectural design

Pricing: For a team of five, Monday, com charges at $25 per month for using the service.

Deltek Ajera

Deltek Ajera is an accounting and administrative tools that are built explicitly for architecture and engineering organization. It is mostly used by small to medium scale commercial enterprises to increase the profitability of their project and utilization of workers. Deltek Ajera provides actual information through its dashboard. Project managers have direct access to organization financial reports to analyze and come up with a solution to enhance the profitability of the project.

This tool aids the project manager in visualizing the project progress, the state of the project and planning. It also provides information on all accounting and administrative processes. The primary function of Deltek Ajera includes project management, project planning, costing, accounting, and resource management tools.

Deltek Ajera collaborates with Ajera CRM to control the development of a business enterprise and customer management to link all sections together. 

Benefits: Deltek Ajera provides both Administrative and accounting services specifically to architecture and engineering. The company having issues with its accounting can make good use of this tool.


It is a simple administrative tool that is used by the architect to draft and access report on site. With ArchiSnapper, the project manager can now assign new projects to all project members. It helps project managers in deciding whether team members can change the plan due to some challenges that could affect the project.

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