Common Project Management Tools

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Common Project Management Tools

Common Project Management Tools

A Common project management tool is essential for directing and coordinating all the resources (human and material) in all the stages of the project. Individuals on a project irrespective of how skilled they may be cannot succeed if they do now not have the right tools to manipulate them.

Common Project management tool allows the planning of every step of the development cycle and defines the movement plan to be accompanied at some point of the risk situations. Also, task management methodologies assist in tracking down the fulfillment fee for a project and enhancing the understanding among workers. This article summarizes the common Project management tools used by managers to manage projects..

• Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project is a task Project management tool designed for businesses of all sizes. It helps in creating an effective project plan, by allowing project managers to specify and define project work, assign tasks to the group, and track the state of the project. Microsoft also has some intriguing features that can be used for project budgeting, cost estimation for the project. The productivity of the company can also be increased by using the templates and scheduling functions of Microsoft Excel. It also enhances effective communication among the teams and the creation of field reports. Scheduling functions like Gantt charts assist in reducing training time and simplifying the project making plans system.

Microsoft word can either be accessed as a cloud solution or on-premise solution. It allows task managers to operate through the use of a smartphone or any computing devices.

Common Project Management Tools


Wrike is a cloud-based solution that helps the project and group collaboration for advertising and innovative teams. Users can manage outside and personal requests with integrated paperwork and assign work to appropriate groups based on team schedules and availability.

Wrike gives room for file editing online, assessment and approve innovative assets. Wrike, the team, can manipulate group efforts with the Workload View, visualize schedules and monitoring work development at the Gantt chart and compare overall crew performance with Custom Reports. The software also offers project and team stage reporting functions that let stakeholders hold a tab on real-time progress and generate custom reviews.

Wrike integrates with a selection of equipment along with SalesForce, Dropbox, Slack, and Adobe Creative Cloud and gives an open API. Wrike is suitable for advertising, operations, and construction and huge to midsize IT groups.

Common Project Management Tools

• Base camp

What is without a doubt essential to recognize about Base camp is that you will be dealing with a reliable organization that has been heading the construction industry for years, and has 17 years of improvement investing again and again in simplifying innovations that work flawlessly even for the most complicated and cumbersome tasks. The base camp organization was the first to introduce remote project management and has never stopped enhancing this idea to the benefits of its consumers. Here are a number of the principle advantages Base camp presents to organizations all over the global:

Base camp comes with a lot of functions and that permit businesses to correctly reveal their initiatives and get things accomplished on time and within the budget range. Base camp is hosted in the cloud and supplied as a service (SaaS), and could in no way require you to take care of upkeep and updates.

Common Project Management Tools

• Trello

Trello is an online project solution. trello makes use of cards, and these cards can be tasks, notes, tasks, shared documents, or something else that enables your crew to work collectively. It’s primarily based on a straightforward concept: for powerful, you need full visibility over all applicable responsibilities and versatility to rearrange them as your priorities change.

Equipped with a Trello board, you can create order on your work by way of organizing it into lists of playing cards. Then you can fast adapt it to any new instances by rearranging them; this is why it’s so outstanding for the project.

Trello is an incredible device to update your crew usage of e-mail and chat for project-based conversation. By maintaining all the records you need in a single location, it’s smooth to preserve the whole thing on track, see what’s being achieved, and look back to preceding conversations.

• Podio

Podio is a web-based task management software program. It presents customers with one crucial region for groups to communicate, organize and get work done on time. It is focused on the concept of workspace, in which people can manipulate projects with more efficient collaboration tools. It offers answers to unmanageable emails, unstructured files, and disconnected structures. Instead, customers can chat in real-time, attach, save and present documents effortlessly with others within the context of labor, get immediately work reputation and reviews, and extra, all the usage of one software. And it is simple to customize the solution with simple drag-and-drop.

• Projectmanager.Com

Projectmanager.Com is a project management tool that offers programs consisting of budgeting, time monitoring, project control, file control, and reporting. 

Projectmanager.Com also features a Gantt chart that updates robotically. The software integrates with MS Project, permitting users to import MS Project plans and customize security settings. It also integrates with MS Excel, Word and Project Server.

Tasks may be assigned with or without dependencies, and useful resource availability is shown for every user. Users can create and customize more than one dashboard, and resource management allows the user to display the progress of different obligations and reallocate resources as needed.

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