Cloud Project Plan

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Cloud Project Plan

Cloud Project Plan

A cloud project plan is an approved document that entails the guide to control, manage and execute a project. If a proposed project is successful, a proper plan must be put in place.

A project plan is used for the following purposes:

• To communicate and document project requirement to project teams

• To coordinate schedules and control project processes.

• To prepare a good risk management plan.


Project goal

A project goal is specified in the project charter which includes either gives the full details of the project goals, or the project charter can be added as an appendix.

Cloud Project Plan

Project Scope

Project scope is also defined in the charter. It can be used to refine the project scope. For example, if a project requirement is to automate a construction process, you will need to define the scope by specifying the process starting and finishing point.

Work Breakdown Structure

A work breakdown structure is breaking the project into small achievable tasks so that they can be assigned to qualified individuals for better efficiency. When preparing the work breakdown structure, the manager will have to consider some factors such as the optimum performance of project team members, allocated resources, the interdependencies among tasks, and the overall project cut-off dates.

Cloud Project Plan


The project budget shows how much money is allocated for the project. The project manager is responsible for distributing financial resources effectively. Ensures the project is completed according to the contract terms and conditions.

Human Resources Plan

The human resources plan how many workers are required to complete the project. It is also known as the staffing plan. This plan defines the individuals who are eligible for the project and how much time is given to each to complete the task. In the development of this plan, the project manager will have a meeting with the team to discuss how much time each team member can dedicate to the project.

Risk Management Plan

Sometimes, things can go wrong in the execution of a project. This can be due to process upsets or wrong combinations that are unforeseeable but may be predicted. In this kind of plan, the project manager can pinpoint potential risks to the project, the probability the chances are likely to occur, and the techniques to curb it.

Cloud Project Plan

Communications Plan

A communication plan shows how project information can be communicated to respective sections. A communication plan assigns project tasks to each team member.

Change Management Plan

A change management plan lays out a method for making changes to the project. The project should be made flexible so that it can accommodate changes if things are not going as planned. Protocols and processes are provided by the change management plan to make changes.

What are the benefits of operating your project plan in the cloud

In one way or the other, you must have come across what is cloud computing but have you tried to find its meaning. Cloud comes with a lot of benefits which include the following:

Lower upfront cost

You will need to pay for a lot of things such as server hardware, lengthy deployments, software licenses and many more when you are using on-premises project planning software; a cloud project only requires a monthly or yearly fee.

More secure than ever

The cloud project plan ensures that your data are more secure and safe. It is just that the company does not control the physical servers.

Accessible from anywhere

You can have access to your project plan for as long you are connected to the web. It can be done through an internet browser. It also gives access to team members to view, edit and manage documents via computing devices.

Connected team

It connects workers working from different locations together. Members will able to communicate via the cloud platform it provides. Updates are uploaded automatically so that other members can see it at the exact time. No team members are left out of the conversation.

Increased productivity

Cloud software has a centralized location where all project summaries, calendars, documents, and newsfeed are kept; so that team members can access the project document in real time. The cloud project plan can help save time; therefore, productivity will be increased.

Real-time communication

 One of the significant advantages of using the cloud project plan is its ability to give immediate feedback on information as soon as it is uploaded to the project platform. It helps to reduce repeated work, therefore, increasing productivity.

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