Cloud Based Task Manager

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Cloud-Based Task Manager

Cloud Based Task Manager

The introduction of the web has significantly changed the dynamic nature of modern business. It is so exciting that companies can employ contractors irrespective of their location or offer excellent quality service to clients within their region and outside their area. Because of this, the traditional method of buying information technology devices to operate the program o an internal network is getting obsolete because of the new plan available, so clients are no longer interested. Cloud-based construction project management software or applications have caught the attention of the organizations. The interest of companies across various fields has been drawn to software that offered their services online. One of these software is called a manager. This Task Management system is used by organizations to manage a list of tasks and activities within an organization. The manager offers many benefits that are not provided by are not available offline task manager.

Cloud Based Task Manager

Here are some of the benefits of that company expect to enjoy by using Cloud-Based Task Manager:

Teams work more cohesively

When a project is initiated, it is the duties of the project manager to delegate tasks to different teams or its members to complete the project within the given time frame. Many organizations are finding it difficult to work together because of the lack of communication among the groups. If team members lack up-to-date information about the state of the project, some tasks might be executed many times while others are left undone. Managers, team members have direct access to the functions that have been completed by other teams towards achieving the project requirements. This does avoid not only repetitive tasks but also prevents wasting time. Even if an employee is working from home or a member of the team is working from a different time zone, it ensures that all tasks and activities are on track.

The workforce is more flexible

If the best man for the job is at a location from the project site, companies can still hire him to work from its place, therefore increasing the flexibility of the company. This means companies can accept a project outside their region or hire workers from another state or territory who are jobless and can change their location. The Task Manager provides flexibility to workers that decided to work from home because of one reason or the other.

Cloud Based Task Manager

The company saves money

The manager helps the company to save costs by using its Task tracking systems. Since this software is licensed by developers, and these developers have their certified staff and technicians that can help in providing solutions if someone within the organization is finding difficult accessing information. Companies can eliminate the need to pay to purchase and maintain servers on site. Companies can also reduce the project cost depending on how long they decide to continue using the service of the manager to manage project related tasks. Corporations that have an interest in using this software have a different subscription option to pay on a monthly, yearly basis or can even negotiate the method of payment to the developer. Here are some types of Cloud-based Task Manager.


This is a Cloud-based Task Management software that is used by construction project managers to manage the vital tasks of the project. It is fast, secure and straightforward to learn. 

This Cloud-based Task Manager can be used to track tasks, cost, human resources, and project state. It has a familiar interface and on-demand training support.

Cloud Based Task Manager

Time Camp 

Time Camp is a Cloud-based Task Management system that is very simple to use, and its features include Field reporting, graphical timesheet, invoicing and automatic time tracking. This software ensures that employees are at their optimum performance.

Field book

Field book is a Cloud-based Task Management software that is used newbie’s, and companies’ get their operation out of the spreadsheet by creating a database that can be used for tracking purposes. This software fits all business types and enables you to track all your tasks in a way that suits you.

Construct buy

Construct Buy is a construction management system for general contractors and trading specialists. It includes task management, document storage, project management, improved communication options, quotation requests and more in one package. Construct Buy Construction Management Software helps companies increase the efficiency of their projects by using a single system to send and track bidding invitations, communicate with stakeholders, store and share documents.

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