Business Project Management

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Business Project Management

Business Project Management

Project Management is the process of setting an assignment where a specific needs to be attained. Now maybe the first thing that comes to mind is entrepreneurship. While it’s not technically wrong but to be more specific it’s about a particular management program you design to accomplish your tasks.

Now to further expound on the idea and essence of business project management is to look into the functions of the construction industry and stages it has to take to accomplish a project. The construction industry is a perfect example of examining how human and material resources are allocated.

A typical responsibility of a construction manager is to look into;

--Cost management

-Quality control

-Environmental and health safety


-Contract analysis and management

-Income Projections

-Study of the minimum and long-term impact of inside and outside the project

-Establishing safety mechanisms to mitigate unexpected damages

-Managing and dealing with outside agencies

-Contract review

-Sequencing of contracts

-Funding, costs, and budget

Now, these are just a few of the many aspects of the construction industry. It has a lot of complex tasks that without strong communication skills and knowledge of building process you’d get lost in the abyss. But there are established solutions out there that will serve as your guideline for a successful construction project.

Now there are 5 phases of project management in a construction business.




-Task monitoring



This pertains to identifying the overall scope of a project. In a sense its preliminary stage that focuses on work and product breakdown, financial analysis and SWOT analysis (strength, weakness, opportunities, and threats to the business).


As the word says, it’s the stage where you create a plan or evaluates all the necessary tasks, the time needed, costs and proper distribution of resources, an estimate of the work required, fault management, and the required steps to accomplish the goal. This will be a crucial stage of the project because even at this stage everything needs to be perfect and accurate as much as possible. It may seem like a simple development of a blueprint but what makes it crucial is the time you also spent on planning. Planning for long periods will only cause you to lose a project, and jumping into the fire without reviewing everything is an absolute recipe for disaster. In this stage, it requires a manager to have excellent judgment.

Business Project Management


The stage where you implement everything, the proposals, documentation, contracts, work distribution, communication process and making necessary adjustments in the project. The key here is good communication and proper placement of tasks.

Task monitoring

Now, this phase is necessary to measure the actual progress of a project or whether a project is moving forward or having backlogs. The key here is to make sure that the project sticks to the given schedule and if possible is to accomplish everything at an earlier time.

Business Project Management


The completion of everything and finalization of unfinished tasks or adjustments undergone. Some say it’s the final review, the phase where you examine the things that you could’ve done and still do at the moment from the last budget report and the overall accomplishment of the project.

Now keeping all of these things in mind, it looks like a time-consuming task. That the number of people involved in such a venture should be higher than a thousand and not less than a thousand. The question now is what the things you have to do to have a smooth workflow and become a more active construction project manager are?

Well, it’s the 21st century already, then why not transition from the traditional approach to Cloud Base Project Management. Why not utilize a platform that billion dollar companies like Google and Facebook use? The construction project may seem a daunting task. But that’s not how it should always be; the key here is being efficient.

Thanks to CONSYSA – Construction Systems of America, the construction industry had further moved forward and stood the tests of time. The software provides ways to collaborate, document, bid, manage service and handle finances a lot easier and faster.

We’ve mentioned before how important the planning stage is and how inefficient it would be when you prolong the planning stage. But thanks to CONSYSA you won't even have to worry about how you should manage your planning time because it already provides a complete work-flow for any construction project — giving you more time and leeway to focus on essential matters such as building client relationship and scaling your business further.

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