Building Project Management

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Building Project Management

Building Project Management

What is Building Project Management? First, we need to understand what the word project means. A plan is an enterprise that requires the application of knowledge, skills, techniques, and commitment to accomplish a specific task. The beginning of a project always falls into three sections; there’s planning, organizing and executing. As simple as it sounds, but there’s a lot more that goes into those things.

Now let's define Management. If you look into a dictionary, you’d probably see something along the lines of organizing, cooperating or administering. While these things are not entirely wrong but the essence of management is it focuses on the strategic steps to accomplish a goal, or should we say a project.

Project Management has a distinctive feature that doesn’t only focus on an operation or accomplishing a single task. It aims to improve every part of a plan, organizing work or task distribution and making sure that it’s executed properly. Delivered on time, has a unique output, budget wise, and an overall smooth production.

Now, let's look into Building Project Management. It requires the skills, expertise, commitment, and patience of the Project Manager. But think of it as being applied in the construction industry. A project manager needs to possess a wide array of knowledge and experience to handle different tasks and meet deadlines accordingly. Think of it as someone who has to handle proposals, finances, work progress, legal issues and most of all making sure that a project is valuable and profitable.

Building Project Management

You have to understand that the construction industry is a great contributor to our social and economic development. And it will always be an integral part of our continuous growth. It’s not just a matter of thrusting skyscrapers into the ground. It needs to stay true to its roots and values. And that is to develop infrastructures that will create a productive and healthy environment that increases the productivity and flexibility of our labor force and preserving our ecosystem as well.

With all of that said it’s certainly not an easy task. Especially in our growing highly technological and fast-paced world. We cant resort into the traditional way of building. As the day passes by everything gets complicated, the ability to solve problems and to execute or jump into one task to another simultaneously at rapid succession will be a crucial part of the construction industry.

And so Building Project Management had evolved as well in time to compensate for our worldly demands. A perfect example is CONSYSA -Construction Systems of America. A cloud construction management that integrates all the procedures and steps of a construction project and project manager had to go through. Its primary function is to make sure that you have all the necessary information at arms reach when changes are needed, no need to delay one task or department from moving forward.

Building Project Management

What this means is when you’ve started a particular part of a project, and sudden adjustment is needed to be done. No need to stop, you can still move forward from where you left off. Unlike the old times when something goes wrong, you have to start from scratch again. But thanks to CONSYSA’s innovative cloud construction Project Management. We can always move forward from sudden changes. It handles this type of thing smoothly.

To give you an idea of how it works it’d be best to describe the overall scope of Construction management and how CONSYSA integrates and streamlines everything 24/7.

A construction project consists of:

Design ( Planning, bidding process, contracts, feasibility study)

Pre-construction ( Creating a team and organized the distribution of tasks)

Procurement (Accounting, managing finances, expenses, investments, overall cost, and benefit analysis)

Construction and building ( setting up of storage facilities, hiring or meeting subcontractors, the start of construction)

Commissioning (testing and maintenance)

Project closeout (Completion report, further review for things that needs to be improved, documentation and tying up of any loose ends)

Now to understand this further and how beneficial CONSYSA will be is to think of the past and the sudden disagreement or failure of a particular team or individual in accomplishing a task. Let's say you on the Construction and Building phase already. And then they discovered something’s wrong with the procurement and design, it's not cost efficient, and the plan is an utter failure. How do you recover from that without starting from scratch?

That’s where the CONSYSA cloud base project management system comes in. The system prevents this kind of thing from happening by making sure that the workflow of the workflow and communication process of the project goes as smoothly as possible. And in case an accident or sudden change happens. No need to worry because with CONSYSA you’ve already come up with an alternative solution, cost-benefit analysis, and probability report. Making sure that everything will still move forward. It’s an essential tool for Building Project Management. An instrument that every construction project manager needs.

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