Buildertrend Solutions

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Buildertrend Solutions

Buildertrend Solutions

Buildertrend is a project management solution designed for construction personnel such as builders and remodelers to enhance their managerial skills. This solution consists of a different tool and excellent features that might be used for scheduling projects, client management, project management, and service management all combined in a single solution.

A cloud-based project management solution that equipped home builders and remodelers with a better understanding of construction works that make them useful for their company, associates, and fellow workers.

Since the management solution is a cloud-based construction software, it can be accessed from any location, at any given time via any internet connecting devices such as mobile phones and computers. Builder trend comes with inbuilt tools such as customer relationship management systems, means for making bids and proposals. Other features include payment processing, change orders, warranty requests and order of selection.

This solution has many features, develop to create more business opportunities for the construction industries. It can generate and track leads and convert them into a project using its lead generation tool. Proposal and bid creation have been made easy as users have access to past data for accurate estimates. Transferring documents and information is easy and fast because it is accessible from the web via our computers and mobile phones which makes them active even when they are not in a working hour. Successful proposals that are reusable in the future are saved.

Buildertrend Solutions

This software is integrated with other tools that have features that are required to cover all project lifecycle right from the initial state to the finishing state. The scheduling features of this tool will shift automatically when the specific alteration was made to the system. Notification features of this software ensure that everyone involved in the projects is updated about the state of the project and what kind of tasks are required to complete the project. Each can be assigned with a personal daily log, personal responsibilities, and to-do lists to monitor all other duties delegated to qualified individuals and teams. The timesheet features are used to create log-ins that are accessible using mobile phones.

This solution can be used for managing purchase orders so that errors from purchased are eliminated and documented for future use. Secure communication between team members is possible because of its real-time commenting features and private messaging. This makes collaborations among members merely outstanding.

Buildertrend Solutions

With, data can be easily transferred through export that is available in Excel and other formats. Any information that is stored in the solution easily be conveniently retrieved by the user in an open forum. It aids effective communication with subcontractors during the construction process while your clients can check project status and see if the project can be completed within the budget allowance. It can also be used to save proposals, manage timesheets and many more. The project management solution uses the latest technology to ensure data are safe and backed up in the cloud. 

Unlike other management solutions, Builder trend can be integrated with online QuickBooks when your attention is drifted towards the financial aspect of the construction projects. It enhances your financial skills in managing budgets explicitly related to the plans and growing confidence in the construction industry.

Buildertrend project management solution is one of the leading software in the construction sector and is used by more than 200,000 daily which includes user invitees like contractors, partners. The software is upgraded based on the feedback from its users to improve its performance.

Buildertrend Solutions

General functions of Buildertrend

• Bid Requests

• Proposals / Estimating

• Leads / CRM

• Auto Email Marketing

• Owner Login

• Daily Logs

• To-Do list

• Scheduling

• Documents & Photos

• Messaging

• Warranty / Punch list

• Plan Markup

• Trade Partners

• Payments

• Budget

• Purchase Orders

• Integration

• Lien Waivers

• Time Sheets

• Change Orders

• Client Portal

• Selections

• Surveys/Reviews

• Communication

• Mobile App

Buildertrend is serving as an example to other project management solutions in the construction industry. It helps to streamline all stages and process of a project from the project planning to money management down to customer management. It also assists in the smooth operation of the process pricing is determined by the number of tasks carried out. The price gets cheaper the more jobs you add to the work. There is no staring fees or long-term contract, and 30-day money back guarantees to start at $99 every month.

• 1 project per year

• Unlimited number of customers

• Unlimited telephone support

• Unlimited email aid

• Unlimited training classes

• Unlimited report storage

• Included advertising materials

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