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Buildertrend is a cloud-based construction project management system that is quickly becoming the new standard for project management in the construction industry both for commercial and residential construction, that coalescing capabilities such as service management, project scheduling, customer management, and project management into one platform that is available on both desktop and mobile devices. Many professionals such as home builders and general contractors make use of buildertrend as their construction project management system. This system is accessible from any smart devices or computers that have internet connection since it is a cloud-based system. This contractor software provides an elegant building experience to home buyers, contractors and subcontractors. Buildertrend offers free tools like the customer relationship management (CRM) system, quick bids and proposals, so also is project management tools which include scheduling, budgeting, time sheets and more. Buildertrend is also integrated with the likes of Xero, QuickBooks, and other estimating tools.

Training and support are provided by buildertrend to the company engaging in its use as it allows for each company with an account manager that does the training. They also assist in locating more business opportunities building and monitoring leads that can later be converted to projects. With the availability of historical data, accurate estimates can be made while bidding and preparing proposals. Documents can be sent quick and easy on the construction project management system, as buildertrend allows the system to be accessed by the users using either mobile devices or computers, ensuring they function correctly even when they are not in the office or available. Successful proposals are saved and re-used in the future since there are proper provisions for their storage and documentation. With buildertrend, data can be easily transferred through export available in spreadsheets and other formats. The user in open formats can quickly retrieve any information that is stored in the system. Buildertrend makes use of the latest technology to store data in the cloud securely.


This construction project management system has in it, the needed tools which include scheduling tool that instinctively gets modified when changes are entered to the system, to ensure all project phases are proficiently executed. For instance, all personnel involved in the execution of any project can update in no time due to the outstanding notification feature of the buildertend. This solution can be used for managing purchase orders so that errors are eliminated and documented for future use. Secure communication between team members is possible with buildertrend because of its real-time commenting features and private messaging. It makes collaborations among members simply outstanding with each person assigned with their daily tasks and logs to monitor other assignments that can delegate and shared to other members or team concerned. With its timesheet, log-ins are easily facilitated using phones and other mobile devices.


Buildertrend project management solution, which is one of the leading contractor software in the construction sector, is used by more than 200,000 users including user invitees like contractors, partners, daily. The contractor software is then upgraded using feedbacks from all its numerous users to improve its performance. Buidertrend general features are but not limited to Bid Requests, Proposals and Estimating, Leads and CRM, Automatic Email Marketing, Owner Login, Daily Logs and To-Do’s, Scheduling and Messaging, Warranty or Punch list, Plan Mark-up, Payments, Budget, Purchase Orders, Time Sheets, Change Orders, Client Portal, Surveys or Reviews, Communication, and Mobile App.

The cost of running the contractor software gets cheaper with more jobs included in the task since buildertrend pricing has an inverse relationship with the types and number of jobs done monthly or annually. There is no long term contract but 30-day money back guarantee to start at $99 every month is available.

Merits of using Buildertrend

Most of the advantages of buildertrend have been discussed above but to reiterate its importance, the following are the advantages:

Most of the advantages of buildertrend have been discussed above but to reiterate its importance, the following are the advantages:

1. Buildertrend makes managing projects and businesses from anywhere possible using a computer or mobile phone.

2. It facilitates needed communications among all project personnel during the building process while the clients get to check on the project progress as well.

3. It can also be used to send documents, save proposals, track jobs, manage timesheets, send messages.

4. As stated earlier buildertrend provides construction companies with an account manager for training, webinars, and support whenever needed.

5. Unlike other contractor software being used before, buildertrend can be combined with other tools like QuickBooks Online to focus on the financial aspects of construction projects. It gives full financial capabilities with extra features that are related to the construction industry.

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