Best Team Project Management Tools

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Best Team Project Management Tools

Best Team Project Management Tools

There are certain things you need to know when working in a project team. Firstly, it is not as attractive as the subject name and communication among team members could be difficult. To engage a group of individuals to execute a specific project and expect them to be consistent and efficient is not easy. It will take a lot of planning. In this article, we will discuss some management tools that will ensure that project management teams are at their best


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Best Team Project Management Tools


Teamweek is a web-based Project Management Tool for managing construction projects, scheduling of tasks, and planning. With the use of a drag-and-drop interface, users can create and schedule tasks giving you an insight into the work to be done. Team members can be divided into groups, then assigning functions to each group. Groups can view their tasks as a list and a calendar that entails how project manager activities are to be carried out on a daily, weekly and monthly basis within the given timeframe. Teamweek also shows if team members are working up to expectations.


Toggl is a cloud-based Project Management Tool that is designed for time racking. Using this tool, users will be able to track time in real time. The timer used in toggle is used to monitor billable hours.

Toggl allows construction project managers to set up projects and track time logged by the team members. Reports are created to show the time spent by the team on a different side and the progress made towards achieving project goals. Toggl allows Project managers can send email reports to their clients.Best Team Project Management Tools


This Project Management Tool was launched in 2011. It is a collaboration tool for scheduling tasks and projects. This management tool can be used across various fields such as accounting, support, marketing, and sales. The web-based contains specific tools that are used to define the project specification and activity calendar to ensure the project is completed on time according to the project plan. Trello can integrate with other software including Slack, Jira Cloud, Google drive e.t.c.


Slack is a cloud-based project management tool that helps to facilitate project collaboration and communications among Team members. These tools cut across many industries including retail, media, transport, education and many more.

Routes are created for team members to start a conversation. The private course enables communication with smaller teams, and messages are sent directly to colleagues via the direct channel.

Feeds from social media can be incorporated into the application and blend them with current conversations in different channels. The drag and drop feature can be used to share files like PDF, documents, spreadsheets, and images.

Slack can keep messages, files and information on a project and which may be useful for plans. Users can customize their notification to their taste.


Github is a tool that allows a user to share codes with colleagues, course mates, and third parties. Github is used by many people to build fantastic things together. It offers collaborative features of Github Enterprise,, Desktop, and mobile application; the development platform gives the avenue to an individual to write better code quicker and efficient

Review processes can be created by the team to improve the quality of the code, and it fits perfectly into the workflow. Work can be coordinated and track by the project manager, and it is centralized in one place so all team members can see that project progress. The project manager can adjust the process if need be, update tools as there is an advancement in technology and find methods to do things in a better wayBest Team Project Management Tools


Podio is a project management tool that allows you to customize applications to meet your business specifications and desired workflow without having the development resources. Podio apps contain many tools that can be utilized by users in different fields such as construction, and engineering, it also has customer relationship management and time tracking to determine the needs of the customer.

Podio also offers some collaboration features like file sharing anywhere within the social system. Podio has high customization properties that are suitable for small business, particularly useful for project managers managing different processes at a time.

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