Best Team Project Management APP

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Best Team Project Management APP

Best Team Project Management APP

For every team members in a company the goal is to always get the job done. Be quick and get it done. Sounds easy but we do know that quickness sometimes shrinks quality. Now we don’t want that to happen. Efficiency comes when you do it fast but simply and in construction business you need a construction project management software.

Now that’s what we want for our team members and leaders. To be as graceful and nimble like a fine work of art. While an artwork is a different subject and almost incomparable to the corporate industry, the idea is how one team can possibly maximize their productivity. Perhaps a common solution would be is to hire someone good. Someone that can manage everything and work with minimal supervision. While it sounded like an ideal employee then again an employee is only good as its leader. What I’m trying to say here is a good leader would always prioritize the welfare of his/her employees.

Its like the popular adage “ People don’t leave bad jobs; they leave bad bosses”. If your idea is to simply hire someone good then your employees are likely to underperform and leave you as well. Employees need someone that is knowledgeable of their job and more importantly someone they can look up into and will guide them to grow.

Best Team Project Management APP

Lastly, every team or employee needs a good working environment. And it always starts with good leadership. But thanks to modern technology we can now work efficiently and fully utilize our knowledge and skills. Just like what a good working environment should be.

CONSYSA – Construction Systems of America

CONSYSA is a perfect instrument for construction project management industry. Especially for construction project managers. It’s a platform that integrates everything that you need in a construction business. A construction business can only run smoothly and efficiently when team members understand the tasks at hand. And of course how important they are. The number of teams and key persons that a single manager needs to organize in the construction project management industry is a real struggle. But with CONSYSA communication is instantaneous and task distribution is a breeze. It’s a program that you can access in the web and application making it very flexible and caters your own convenience. Project members can easily document and receive their assigned tasks easily. Making fault management easy to handle as well as it has a feature that allows you to immediately isolate issues without causing any delay or backlogs from team members and the overall progress of a project. And the beauty of it is you can use it for free and you wont even need a credit card or a contract to sign up for it. CONSYSA is the perfect instrument for construction project managers.

Best Team Project Management APP


Trello is a perfect application for every team leader and team players. It’s an application that allows you to distribute specific tasks accordingly. The beauty of this application is even when a team leader needs to attend or away from a meeting, he/she can monitor the progress of his/her team. After the meeting, why go through team a huddle or management when you can simply tap and create a board where you can announce and immediately assign a task. This minimizes wasted time and focuses on the team’s productivity. With its boards, cards and checklist like feature, it’s like having a traditional working environment but in a more efficient way. It’s an application easy to navigate specially for old timers because it still has that traditional vibe of how a manager assigns tasks or how they organize certain tasks.


Syncspace is an application that at first glance it looks like an application that function as a regular pad paper or sketchpad. Synspace is perfect for artist or teams that wanted to have the traditional way of writing down important notes and easily have it flashed in an LCD screen or have it shared in social media platforms. For a graphic team it’s definitely a perfect application for brainstorming as it specializes in exploring visual ideas or creating storyboards. Overall it serves its purpose well and environmentally friendly too.

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