Best Project Tools

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Best Project Tools

Best Project Tools

Project Tools are those tools used for facilitating the smooth running and execution of a project. It is usually employed by, but not restricted to, a project manager to effectively organize and manage project works. Project tools are sometimes referred to as project management software. Some can be procured online and even used without a charge while some are paid for. As stated earlier, project tools are not solely meant for project managers because most of the devices are made to be customizable; hence, it can be used by any team or individuals with different goals.

Benefits derivable from using the best project tools

Some benefits also serve as its features. There is collaboration on projects, Internal & External Communication among personnel involved, efficient budget management and monitoring, Optimized Decision Making, Communication with Clients and Suppliers, Document Sharing, Enhanced Customer Satisfaction. The ultimate goal of using a project tool is to ensure that everyone is adequately satisfied, which might be the most considerable benefit of project management software.

Best Project Tools

Features of the best project tools :


Best project tools allow the user to plan and at the same time delegate work all in one place with projects, subprojects, folders, templates, workflows, and calendars.


With information technology increasingly advancing daily, email seems to no longer be the sole form of communication. Powerful tools have been developed to adequately assign projects, organize dashboards, add comments and for proofing and approvals. Devices that can do all these will be suitable for most if not all projects.


Efficient documentation is the bedrock of any successful project. The ability to avoid missing files with file management features such as editing, versioning, and safe storage of all data is a necessary quality of a useful project tool.


A useful project tool must be able to track and assess productivity and growth effortlessly through resource management and reporting.

Others are risk management, portfolio management, project templates, invoice, quote management, reporting analytics, etc. Any management project can be completed or is more comfortable to accomplish with the right project tool available. With little or no specialized training the following project tools can be effortlessly put to use by any individual in need of a project tool.

Best Project Tools


It is the best online cloud-based integrated application suite for builders in the USA as there are many features like it being fast, virtually free and dependable. It is equipped with defense-grade encryption that keeps all data secured. It has integrated features for running construction businesses such as project management software, banking, and finance, consumer relationship management software and the list goes on and on, all in one system and this distinguishes it from others making it the leading tool in all construction management software. It is used to track projects and manage construction plans by project managers, contractors, subcontractors, and supervisors. It is also easily accessible from all devices be it phones, tablets or computers. Some other distinguishing features are accounting integration, budget tracking, change orders, commercial, contract management, contractors, CRM, equipment tracking, estimating, incident reporting, mobile access, offline access, residential, RFI & submittals, subcontractor management.


This tool can make use of existing templates and formats to promptly include new workflows, create lists of projects for the user or team members, create a platform where projects can be posted to shared boards, convert a task into a plan should it become too big or break larger projects down into sub-projects. Team members can pass their comments on any project. They can also be updated regularly via email on the project’s progress. Asana is the ideal tool to use when the timeline of two or more projects depends on one another. Privacy is ensured even when the project manager is to check the status of any project quickly for the update. The manager does this easily without attempting to contact team members or check their inboxes.

Best Project Tools


With this online tool, projects can be simplified by turning them into a workflow with easy navigation. It is ideal for visual thinkers and those with no project management background. It has an intuitive interface which makes it easy to get along with. Creating and furnishing new projects can be done with just a few clicks. This tool is incorporated easily with Dropbox, Google Drive, and Google Calendar. It is also compatible with Android and iOS.

Other favorite tools are Trello, Basecamp, Omniplan, Pivotal tracker, Epicflow and some others. These tools are designed such that rookie project managers can even dive in and effectively do their jobs immediately so that no project falls through the cracks ever again.

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