Best Collaborative Project Management Tools

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Best Collaborative Project Management Tools

Best Collaborative Project Management Tools

The project manager and his team members can work together on different projects effectively via the utilization of collaborative tools. Generally, collaborative PM tools are used to perform team tasks such as communication, conferencing, document management and real-time assistance which helps to reduce delays and challenges faced when undertaking projects. Companies can now decentralized information to its employees so that all are on the same page on details so that they can identify potential problems earlier before it becomes significant; this helps to save quality time and money.

Managing construction business efficiently has not been able to reach 100%, that’s why construction business is always finding room for improvement. Emails and offline desktop applications are useful, they are not as effective as collaborative PM tools to get the tasks completed on time and accurate. These tools are the latest innovation that helps to work on team performance. Most of the software programs are made to run in the cloud to make sure everyone related is informed on time. These management tools allow for group communication, documentation, tracking, reporting and direct access to required information from their present location.

Best Collaborative Project Management Tools

Communication with a large group has become easier because collaborative PM tools are operated in the cloud. Email is limited in communicating a message to partners, and it cannot be used in group settings where individuals can be informed and updated on the same matter. Using collaborative PM tools, individuals will now be able to use chat services, communicate via emails, read memos, have a group discussion and even leave a message for others via notes about the state of individual projects. It will keep team members informed from time to time and also help keep everyone responsible for their work. You don’t have to trouble yourself about emails that were not received or missed memos, because all information is stored in one place where everyone easily accesses it.

Collaborative tools are continually changing with time and becoming more of a problem-solving tool. This collaborative tool is always flexible to the needs and improvement required by its users and ensures that projects are completed most effectively and efficiently. In some cases, when there are gaps in communication; where information is not sufficiently shared, or members are misinformed, and members are not answerable for their actions. Collaborative PM tools are the right software to get the desired data and boost the company business. This software helps a harmonious relationship between the project manager and the team members.

Best Collaborative Project Management Tools

Without regular meetings, mass emails, and conferences, it might be difficult to enhance communication within a business or standard team setting. Collaborative tools offer a better way to manage projects than the outdated printing and writing methods of managing projects and tasks. The cost of these collaborative tools are affordable and very cheap; investing in it will earn you many returns in the longer term by reducing waste to the minimum and increasing the efficiencies of operation. Effective communication in business either small or big scale will tend to improve the business components to enhance its ability to increase company return. The overall effect of good communication will be increased profit, optimized business operation, and waste reduction when using the right collaborative project management tools. Here are some best collaborative project management tools that can be adapted to manage your business.Best Collaborative Project Management Tools


The CONSYSA system has a powerful Collaborative project management tool to manage projects, free for life. A collaborative software at its best offering services such as Sales CRM, Gantt charts, email or chat communications with all centralized in one place. All documents are encrypted before uploading your data in the cloud. It is an ideal tool for construction professionals to manage different tasks simultaneously. It is impossible for project managers to manage and coordinate all aspects of a construction project concurrently and effectively. CONSYSA comes in as a handy collaborative project management tool to manage projects right from the early stage to the end especially creating effective communication, so that team members are informed about the new updates and on time. It also some essential tools such as change order, Gantt chart, and customer relationship management.


Teambook is a useful Collaborative Project Management Tool for managing and coordinate projects, especially for small and medium enterprises, as well as for independent experts and service consultants. An easy-to-use program with simple activities can instantly change team leaders into active riders and project managers.

Teambook makes use of the resources of the company to complete specific tasks using a simple schedule. In the same way, you can see who worked on what was done and followed the results by checking. Using tags or filters to reduce data loss, find specific properties for specific actions.


Scoro is a cloud collaborative business management software designed specially designed for small and medium-sized businesses, especially in construction, consulting, information technology and other sectors. The solution offers business companies the collaboration, programming, and tracking of jobs, project management, bidding, customer relationship management, quote, and payment, as well as advanced field reports and checkpoints. The user-friendly interface is compatible with eliminating the need to transfer between solutions and email clients.

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